SATURDAY’S SIPS OF WINE FEATURES: Saturday Stop-Over – Sunflower s #Author’sCorner

SATURDAY’S SIPS OF WINE FEATURES: Saturday Stop-Over – Sunflower s #Author’sCorner

Good Superb Saturday morning to You!

Over the past few days, I’ve been overwhelmed with a lot of negativity and drama from unexpected sources. This left me feeling quite drained.

This morning, as I was scrolling through the many blogs I follow, I ran upon this beautifully positive post and just had to share.

Thanks to Lynda McKinney Lambert​ for her post blooming with life, love and positivity!

I found it most reassuring and I hope you will as well.

Here’s Lynda with more…


Saturday Stop-Over – Sunflowers

by Lynda Lambert

"You make mowing the lawn very difficult for me because you keep planting flowers everywhere I don’t expect to find them," my father complained one day. Dad planted the vegetable garden every year. I planted seeds of every kind in random places.

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  1. Patty, I am always so appreciative of you and I can’t imagine anyone causing you trouble or making drama for you. You are loving, giving, generous, encouraging, inspirational, funny, and truthful. Thank you for sharing my blog post on my celebration of SUNFLOWERS I have enjoyed over a lifetime – and that is a pretty LONG time! lol I guess some folks don’t realize that what comes out of the MOUTH is a SEED that is planted. That seed will GROW, one way or another. Like a brilliant sunflower blooming against the old garden fence – it can be magnificent. Or, it can be a disaster – it all depends on what we say and what we d. We \have choice that we make every day – all are seeds. Let’s grow the most magnificent flowers we can –

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