WordPress Wednesday

Patty’s Post Picks July 14, 2021 features Poet Joan Myles, author Robbie Cheadle, author and techno wiz Pranav Lal, author and blogger Sally Cronin, and virtual tech advisor and research assistant Casey Mathews #WordPressWednesday

WELCOME TO PATTY’S POST PICKS JULY 14, 2021! Hi everyone, and thanks for dropping into Patty’s Worlds for another installment of Patty’s Post Picks. There’s great stuff here for you,…

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Patty’s Post Picks July 7, 2021 Featuring Sally Cronin and William Price King, author and artist Lynda Lambert, poet Joan Myles, and author Abbie Johnson Taylor Sponsored by author Marlene Mesot #WordPressWednesday

WELCOME TO PATTY’S POST PICKS! JULY 7, 2021! Hi everyone! I hope this installment of Patty’s Post Picks finds you doing super well. Here, in the US we’ve just wrapped…

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