Rockies Replay by Abbie Johnson Taylor #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #WritingPrompts #Author’sCorner

Rockies Replay by Abbie Johnson Taylor #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #WritingPrompts #Author’sCorner


My late husband was an avid Colorado Rockies fan. Because he was totally blind, he preferred to listen to games on the radio and had to hear every one. After he moved from Fowler, Colorado, to Sheridan, Wyoming, to marry me, he discovered, to his dismay, that our local stations didn’t carry every game.

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Rockies Replay #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkup #WritingPrompts #Inspiration


  1. I hope you enjoyed today’s baseball memory. Thank you for reading.

  2. Hey Abbie, sorry I’m late to the game!
    Sorry, couldn’t help it. hehahaheha!
    Great post. I like hearing games on the radio too.
    We’re hoping for audio description for games but as long as there’s radio that might be hard to get.

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