Paws on the Street part thirty-five – A Morning without banana or coffee and flypaper

Paws on the Street part thirty-five – A Morning without banana or coffee and flypaper

Paws on the Street part thirty-five – A Morning without banana or coffee and flypaper

By Patty L. Fletcher

June 22, 2023

Moon Phase Waxing Crescent

*Reader’s Note*

The name of the Kingsport Area Transit System dispatcher used here has been changed to protect his identity.

I swear, you cannot make this stuff up. The story I’m about to tell you is true. People often ask, “Where do you get so much blogging content?”

Answer, “I just get out of bed, put my feet on the floor and begin.”


If I’ve ever had a more convoluted Summer Solstice, I’ve no idea when it might have been. I bumbled out of bed at 6:15 with nothing but thoughts of a hot, steaming shower, a big strong cup of coffee and game of ball with my dog in my head. Then, while standing under the piping hot spray relishing the spring-like scents of my shower jell shampoo and hair conditioner it dawned on me, “Oh! Crap! I’ve a van pick up somewhere between eight and eight-thirty.” With a sigh I began rinsing the bubbles off my skin and out of my hair and gave some thought to how things should go. “Good morning, Blue.” I said as I came from the steam filled bathroom into the shock of the air-conditioned room “Momma may have put us into a bit of a rush this morning We might have to forgo a game of squeaky ball until we get back.”

I untied the towel from atop my head and as my hair fell nearly to my waste all around me Blue began sampling my scent and showing me his belly.

“Oh! All Right! I suppose we’ve time for a tummy rub.” I laughed as I began rubbing the big dog’s tummy.

When I was dressed and my hair up in a ponytail on top of my head, Blue and I made our way into the living room and as I slipped on my socks and shoes I asked, “Alexa, what time is it?”

“It’s 7:15 AM.” The somehow cheerful AI answered.

“Oh, Darn it!” I demanded of the air. “I think we might have to really hurry!”

Grabbing up the phone I stated, “Hey Siri! Call KATS!” To which it said, “OK What would you like to know about KATS?”

“GEEZ! I do not have time for this. Hey Siri. Call! KATS!” I said. Stating my words clearly barking them like commands.

Finally, the stupid thing got in gear and made the call, but it was times like this I sort of missed the days when a regular phone hung on the wall. “Oh shit! I’m getting old.” I grumbled as the line connected and began to ring.

“Kingsport Area Transit Jack speaking how can I help you?”

“Hey Jack. This is Patty Fletcher. Can you tell me my pickup time this morning?”

“Oh, sure Patty. Let me find you on the schedule. Just a moment.”

I heard keys clicking and the calls from voices of drivers I knew on the radio in the background and had a moment to enjoy a real feeling of home.

“Patty, they should be there somewhere around eight.”

“Oh! Holy Cow! I best hurry. Thanks.”

From that moment onward until about two in the afternoon, I went steady on. Blue wasn’t amused with the change in our morning routine. I fed him before putting him in harness saying, “Sorry Bug, no time for banana this morning. You gotta go park time and then we must catch that van on time. Mother must go to the doctor.”

“Sneeze! What? No banana? Why, I ought to strike.” Was his reply.

Though I could tell he was less than thrilled with this unholy change to our morning way, he obeyed me without flaw and soon we were flying back down the hill and after a quick stop at the dumpster to toss away Blue’s leavings we were back in front of our apartment and ready to go.

We made my appointment with a few minutes to spare, and after I’d seen everyone there, I needed to see, we headed for home.

Once home with a cup of coffee for me and a banana for me to share with Blue our world took on its normal shape. Or so I thought.

I tuned into ACB Media Three and enjoyed hearing all the presenters and their descriptions of various products and services. I also worked on catching up on the piles of emails which were accumulating with an alarming rate, and after sorting several into folders for later reading, replying to ones which needed my immediate attention and dealing with my blogs and those I follow, I checked social media and then, seeing the time, I got up and began readying to take Blue to the vet. He’d had an attack of allergies late in the previous week and he needed a Kennel Cough vaccine as well.

Soon, we were ready to go and as I stood leaning against the wall of my breezeway I said, “Blue this day went better than momma expected. I figured we would be rushed all day. But other than the injustice of no coffee or banana before we left this morning, it’s been OK.”

“Ah, did I hear impish giggling echoing in the wind?

Just as I was getting ready to walk out to the parking lot so Blue and I could get onto the van as soon as it arrived, I leaned forward to fix Blue’s harness strap when suddenly I realized I couldn’t move.

“What the heck?” I asked the air. “I’m stuck! What the…”

To my horror, when I reached behind me, I found my hair stuck in a strip of flypaper my neighbor who has a healthy phobia of bugs had put on the wall.

“Damn it! Can we say bug zapper please?” I growled as I yanked and pulled my hair painfully away from the wall, the strip of sticky paper streaming out in my wake a clump of my hair waving like a pompom in the wind stuck on the end.

While I worked to get the sticky mess out of my hair, I blistered the air with curses. I cursed flies, flypaper, and the creators of fly paper. I cursed my neighbor for being so stupid as to put something designed for the inside of one’s home on the wall outside, heck, I think I cursed everything and everyone in the entire world.

I soaped, rinsed, and conditioned my hair at least 15 times. Finally, I was able to run a brush completely through my hair with the conditioner still in and as I began the tedious process of rinsing my long, thick hair yet again I said wearily, “Please Mother Father God let this be the last time?”

Thankfully, it was and after wrapping my hair, which was the cleanest it had ever been, into a towel, I threw all my dirty clothes and towels into the basket, cleaned up the mess around the tub and then I decided, “OK. This day is officially over. I’m putting on my gown.” With that, I put my night gown on over my pants, brushed out my hair and laughing as I thought of the reactions the KATS dispatcher and receptionist at the vet had when I called to cancel my appointment and told them of my plight, went to see about my dog.

Later in the evening, as I lay in bed snuggling with Blue and listening to the ACB Convention meeting of resolutions where it was being decided which items coming up before congress, we’d support I said, “Blue, you were an incredibly good boy today. Momma was enormously proud of you. You handled the routine change and early morning work like a pro, you obeyed me every time we went out for a walk so you could relieve, and you didn’t mind when our afternoon plans changed at the last minute. Thank you for being my dog.”

As the last vote was taken and I shut off my phone for the night I snuggled deep into Blue’s warmth and closing my eyes I prayed, “Thank you for the sun. Thank you now day’s done, all our needs, wants and desires they’re met.

Thank you for what we have and have not yet.

Thank you, when this day is new, we will still be we, and you will still be you.

Light our path. Guide our way. Give us what to do and say.

As I will.

As you will.

As we will, so, mote it be. Blessid Be. Amen.”


*Reference Links*

For information on the American Council of the Blind stop in here.

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For information on Kingsport Area Transit Services Stop in here.

For information on The Seeing Eye® stop in here.

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