Hope for the Tarnished Book Blog Tour – Day 2

Hope for the Tarnished Book Blog Tour – Day 2

Hope for the Tarnished Book Blog Tour – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the WordCrafter Hope for the Tarnished Book Blog Tour. On this tour you’ll learn about a touching new young adult novel, Hope for the Tarnished, with guest posts by the author, Ann Chiappetta, as well as reviews and an interview. Ann, Kaye and I hope to see you all at each tour stop. Here’s the tour schedule so you don’t have to miss any of the stops:Day 1: Writing to be Read – Introduction and ReviewDay 2: Patty’s World – Guest Post by Ann ChiappettaDay 3: Writing to be Read – Interview with Ann ChiappettaDay 4: Roberta Writes – Guest Post by Ann ChiappettaDay 5: Zigler’s News – Guest Post by Ann Chiappetta and ReviewAbout Hope for the TarnishedYoung Abbie struggles to cope with the traumatic experiences in her life. Ripped from everything familiar after her parents’ divorce, she is dropped into a strange neighborhood and is emotionally abandoned by her unstable mother. Abbie is caught up in the cruel nature   of one sister’s addictions and often rescued by her other sister’s sense of familial responsibility and love.The story takes place in the 1970s, revealing family secrets   and the shift of cultural norms as Abbie leaves her doubts in the past, embracing a bright future.


Now here’s Annie with more…

First Novel Book Tour

with Kaye Lynne Booth and Word Crafter Services and the Writing to be Read blog.

As an added bonus to this fabulous book blog launch, I am inviting you to my book launch presentation and interview at 7:00 p.m. eastern on Thursday, June 16.

Soundscape artist and nonfiction author, Peter Altschul will be interviewing me about the book and the craft of writing followed by an open Q &A.

About the author

Ann Chiappetta

Ann is an artist and often refers to her love of words as a natural compensation after losing her vision in 1993. Once a designer of acrylic displays and furniture, Ann trained her creative senses to flow over from the visual to the literary arts. Years later, she has become a poet and author, honing her talent in various mediums, including web content for nonprofits, regular bylines for online literary publications, poetry, anthologies and guest editing in online literary journals, just to name a few projects of which she has contributed.

The author of five independently published books, Ann possesses a Master of Science in Marriage and family therapy from Iona College and an undergraduate degree from the College of New Rochelle, both located in Westchester County, New York. A consultant and guest presenter, Ann visits schools promoting awareness and equality for people with disabilities. She is the 2015 recipient of the WDOM Spirit of Independence award and the 2019 recipient of the GDUI Leiberg-Metz award for writing.

Find everything Annie on the web: www.annchiappetta.com

Find more about Annie including the Zoom invitation information at: https://www.thought-wheel.com/word-crafter-book-tour/


  1. Thank you, Patty, for hosting this tour stop for this wonderful new Y.A. novel. I know Ann has worked hard on this book and is very excited to present it to the world.

  2. Annie Chiappetta Reply
    June 14, 2022

    Writing is part of who I am. Being creative keeps me grounded. I’ve been a reader of visualization, as the words flow, the scenes play in my head. Words aren’t only symbols typed on a computer or written on paper, for me words are so much more.

  3. Hi Patty, thanks for sharing this stop on the tour. The interview sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing the link.

    1. Hi, Robbie. I’m always glad to share.
      I think Ann’s book launch will be amazing.
      I decided since some organizations like and others do not like having Zoom info shared I’d simply direct you to the info which is on Annie’s blog concerning that since she’s a member of BOE and I’m not and let people retrieve the Zoom info from there.
      I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of the tour.
      Have a super day.

      1. That was a clever way of handling it, Patty.

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