Failed Experiment by author Anthony R. Candela #COVID-19 #Opinion

Failed Experiment by author Anthony R. Candela #COVID-19 #Opinion

Today, author Anthony R. Candela speaks his mind on the issues of COVID-19.

Before I share his thoughts with you, I’d like to state that it is understood there are some who have valid reasons for not becoming vaccinated, such as those with chronic health issues who cannot tolerate the side effects it may bring. Or those who have valid reasons for not wearing masks, such as those who suffer from autism and other similar disorders.

So, it is not to you who he speaks.

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Failed Experiment?

By Tony Candela


The Omicron variant is “hitting us fast” according to news commentators and the CDC. Still the beat goes on. Those who have been vaccinated and boosted are in less danger of infection or severe illness than those who don’t. It is those who have refused to get vaccinated about whom I write today. These individuals are difficult to understand, even if they think the issues are simple. They say things like “You can’t tell me what to do.” Or “My body is my mansion.” Or “I am afraid of side-effects.” I say what I’ve said before: Do not be so childish and cowardly. The science as of now tells us, rightfully I believe, that vaccination is our only way out of the pandemic. Anti-viral medications, those that can reduce the severity of COVID19 if one gets sick, do help the individual unfortunate enough to be infected – or we hope they will. However, the more people who get infected, the more opportunity we give the virus to mutate yet again. What happens when we reach the “omega” variant? Do we sign off and declare the human race a failed experiment? That is what those who do not get vaccinated are: a failed experiment, a candidate for the Darwin Awards, and a danger to us all. As for mask-wearing, what sort of vanity are we seeing among the resisters? Or, if not that, what low level of intolerance to a modest amount of discomfort and inconvenience are we witnessing? This is the other side of the weakness I see in those who resist doing what we know needs to be done so all of us can someday get back to normal. Endure, people. Do the right thing. Don’t give in to fatigue. Keep on putting one foot in front of the other and maybe we will not be worried about being among ourselves next holiday season.


Anthony R. Candela, Author


Saying aloud what should not remain silent.


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  1. Repeating the need to be fully vaccinated & bolstered is a good thing. Maybe those that aren’t will finally get the word. But, selfish behavior seems persistent. And that is hard to break.

  2. patricia Hubschman Reply
    December 22, 2021

    I’m fully vaccinated and proud of it. I don’t like wearing a mask. I have difficulty breathing with it on. I rather just stay home and away from people. i wish everyone would get the shots.

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