Convergences by author Tony Candela

Convergences by author Tony Candela


By Tony Candela

Today I write of convergences. Quite often several things appear to come together for a purpose, even if their convergence is mere coincidence. Our seemingly compulsive need to derive meaning from things we experience causes us to overlay meaning on such convergences, even when perhaps there is none. Today, I speak of the combination in my life of a visit to an off-Broadway theater to see “Is There Still Sex in the City,” where among a plethora of facts about the TV show and its sequel, we learn just how prolific and good a writer Candace Bushnell has been over the years. Yesterday, I sat in on a reading group where I heard passages read by a half dozen very good authors all of whom write better than I do! Then there is my very creative girlfriend who is attempting to write a romantic/fantasy novella. She is definitely the more creative of the two of us with my being the technocrat. My two books which I haven’t pushed enough, linger close to my heart and yet a pain within it due to what people tell me is my own neglect in not marketing them more aggressively. Lately, I’ve been pressured by a few sources including my writing coach to produce new material. These combine lately with what you might think are unrelated matters. First, there is an upcoming holiday visit to see my mother whose years seem numbered now that she has survived cancer. The cost of her “cure” has been an increasingly weakening and compromised body. This coupled with for the first time in the dozen years since they happened, a willingness to recall my father’s final days as I witnessed them. These convergences are having an effect. They are pushing me to write new material. Thus, I embark on a couple of essays, one on memories of my father’s last months and the accolades we didn’t have a chance to verbalize at his funeral. The other, when the time comes but not now, one on my mother’s life and times. Fortunately, in my memoir I captured their early days, so there is at least jumping-off points for both essays. Stay tuned.

Anthony R. Candela, Author

Saying aloud what should not remain silent.

Stand Up Or Sit Out: Memories and Musings Of a Blind Wrestler, Runner, and All-around Regular Guy

A memoir about life lessons learned, especially through sports

Vision Dreams: A Parable

A sci-fi novella about how a dysfunctional society forces people to go to extremes, including four blind people who seek out artificial vision.

Christian Faith Publishing, 2019


  1. I have begun constructing my next essay on the life, times, and passing of my father and beyond. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, I am helping a budding writer with her novella. Writers certainly do keep busy!

    1. Hi Tony, yeah, we do stay busy.
      Looks like a few people are reading youru post here. Hope there will be more to come.
      Welcome to Pattys Worlds and come back soon.

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