Aorta, Abdomen, and Ultrasound Oh My

Aorta, Abdomen, and Ultrasound Oh My

Aorta, Abdomen, and Ultrasound Oh My

By Patty L. Fletcher

December 15, 2021

Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous


Calamity, Chaos and Confusion rule! Yet still Chief Blue Seeing Eye® Dog, Prince Edward A.K.A. Sweet Eddy and I continue.

As you know, I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues. Pain, Nausea and fatigue. This past Monday, I went for what was supposed to have been an ultrasound on my abdomen. I knew when they did the test it was incorrect because of the area the tech was imaging. When I asked, she told me the order was for an ultrasound to check for an aortic aneurysm. I made her check the record of the order to be sure and she said, “the order from the office matches what’s on my screen.”

I allowed the test to be done because my father has one and those are hereditary. But I fear someone didn’t get a test they needed. I also asked if she could have someone call over to the office to see if they could go ahead and check my abdomen while I was there. Needless to say, it didn’t get done and I went home knowing the whole thing had most likely been for not.

Yesterday, even before I’d had anything to eat, I suddenly became ill again at which point I left the reservation. I called my health case manager, as well as my doctor’s office and to be blunt I raised holy hell. I explained they’d done the incorrect test; told them I was in serious pain and dealing with nausea and fatigue and I wanted something done right now!

Today, my Health Case Manager called and after she looked at my records, she saw they’d done the wrong test and well, she too left the reservation and joined me in raising holy hell. As a result, a lot of things have happened quickly. They’re sending me for more tests. I have to leave here at 9 on Friday morning and go for another ultrasound.

So, the good news is they don’t think I have any trouble with aneurysms, but we still have no idea what is wrong with my stupid stomach.

This is extremely hard to deal with because I have a brand-new guide, but it looks like Blue is getting ready to get a lot of work going into large medical facilities.

Let this be a lesson. Be careful what you manifest. I’ve been wanting to find ways to get more work for Blue, but I didn’t intend this.

Well, for now I’m off. It appears that in all the confusion I’ve scheduled someone for a meeting on the wrong day. Now I need to fix that, receive a delivery for groceries from Instacart and ready myself and the animals for the rest of the day.

Have a Wonderous Woden’s Day.

May Harmony find You and Blessid Be.

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Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. She is Also a Social Media Marketing Assistant.

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  1. Oh dear Lord! For a moment, I thought the doctors might have turned up a propensity toward aortic aneurysms, which I knew your dad had dealt with, and I felt absolutely faint. I’m sorry you had the wrong test, and I’m glad you raised hell. But I’m super relieved nothing is wrong with your aorta! I guess this just proves the old saying, things could always be worse!

    1. Hi Jo, well, I don’t actually have the results of the first test back but my health case manager didn’t see any alerts on anything so we think that one came out OK.
      I’ll know everything about all the tests on Monday.
      Today, so far, I’ve not gotten sick. I was able to eat lunch, have enjoyed a few good walks throughout our community with Blue and now, my caregiver is here cleaning up a bit and I’m digging through the mountain of emails which piled up while Blue and I were out playing in the 62 degree weather.
      Somehow I cannot manage to stay inside when the sun is out.

  2. Victoria Zigler Reply
    December 15, 2021

    Hope they do the right test on Friday, and you get some answers that will help you move forward in a way that will see an improvement to your health situation.

    1. Hi Tori, from your mouth to Mother Father’s ear.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. It’s windy as heck here. 🙂 I can sure stay inside when the wind is up. I’m glad you’ve been well today.

    1. The weather is not right for this time of year and this area. But I love it anyway.
      Yes, I’ve been well today and glad of it.

  4. sending prayers and well wishings for you, All blessings and peace to your noble heart Tasha

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