Year-Long Word-List – Journal – Six-Months Gone – Six-Months to Go

Year-Long Word-List – Journal – Six-Months Gone – Six-Months to Go

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Year-Long Word-List – Journal – Six-Months Gone – Six-Months to Go

By Patty L. Fletcher

Sunday June 16, 2024

Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous

At the first of the year, I decided I wanted to do a word list.

This is the result so far. I must admit, this endeavor has been harder than I expected. First, remembering to do it has been hard. Also, sometimes, I remember to jot things down in my journal on my phone and never get it transformed over to the computer.



Word List for 2024.

Focus Word: Change.

Sub-Focus Positivity.

January 1, Laughter

January 2, Impeccable

January 3, Patience

January 4, Friendship

January 5, Grace

January 6, Kindness

January 7, Playful

January 8, Forgiveness

January 9, Acceptance.

January 10, Help – Helper – Helping

January 11, Gather.

January 12, Freya – Lady – Love – Beauty

January 13, Write – Journal – Manuscript

January 14, Relax

January 15, Duty

January 16, Reflection.

January 17, Study.

January 18, Sharing

January 19, Daydream

January 20, Romance

January 21, Spring.

January 22, Art.

January 23, Smile.

January 24, Creativity

January 25, Books.

January 26, Rain.

January 27, Sun

January 28, Community

January 29, Commitment

January 30, Mother

January 31, Recovery

February 1, Freedom

February 2, Repeat

February 3, Prepare

February 4, contemplation

February 5, Readiness

February 6, Collaborate.

February 7, Edit

February 8, Finish

February 9, Wordsmith.

February 10, Chores.

February 11, New Year – Dragon – Lunar.

February 12, Magik – five

February 13, Spell.

February 14, Valentine’s Day – Blue

February 15, Confirmation

February 16, Interview

February 17 Proofread

February 18, Restore

February 19, Earth

February 20, Advocacy

February 21, Assertive

February 22, peace

February 23, Reconnection

February 24, Sabbath

February 25, Zone

February 26, Glaze

February 27, Geese.

February 28, Poetry.

February 29, Extra.

March 1, Boundaries.

March 2, Clarifying

March 3, Birthday

March 4, Sculpture.

March 5, Tuesday

March 6, Cordilia.

March 7, Liberty

March 8, Teaching.

March 9, Celebration

March 10, Spring

March 11, Sculpture – second phase

March 12, Fog

March 13, Questions

March 14, Realizations.

March 15, Thoughts.

March 17, Green

March 18, Learning

March 19, Dreams.

March 20, Equinox

March 21, Balance.

March 22, Sharing.

March 23, Assertive.

March 24 – April 12 going back to March 2 Impeccable. Honestly, I forgot to fill in these days.

“Ownership. Self-respect.”

April 12. Personal – “Don’t take anything personal. Agreement #2.”

April 13, assume – Assume is not necessarily a positive, but the 3RD agreement is, don’t assume anything.

April 14, best – Always do your best, the 4TH agreement. Remember, this is situational.

April 15, Outing

April 16, Memories

April 17, Herbs

April 18, Business

April 19, History

April 20, Saturday – Saturn’s Day

April 21, Query

April 22, Nature – Earth Day

April 23, Transformation – #TransformationTuesday

April 24, Chapters

April 25, Revisiting

April 26, Pathways

April 27, restive

April 28, Campbell

April 29, Home

April 30, Tech

I’ve got to be honest and say during the month of May, I didn’t get to the list. May was Sickness + Community – Virtual and Real = Supportive Friendships.

It was Trial – Triumph – No more – No less.

Disclaimer, this is flipping hard.

The first 15 days of June have been a whirlwind trying to catch up.

The words were, Chaos, Calamity, Confusion.

I got through by making a new friend.

Neighbor – Sherry = Awesome.

June 16, Father.

That’s where I am now. Come again to see updates as I try to continue with this challenge.

If you’ve got suggestions, send them in the comments or reply section.

Reach out any time at that email Patty link at the foot of every page.

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