Writing With Better Quality, and Posting Posting Posting

Writing With Better Quality, and Posting Posting Posting

Good Morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS Campbell and I hope this day finds you feeling Great! Today I have a couple of topics to talk about. I hope to get a little feedback, so put your thinking caps, and reading glasses on, or turn up your screen reader, and get ready to comment. Please? Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. I put those in a hurt proof lock box when I ask for feedback. Sometimes the truth is ugly, but it is necessary to learn.

So, over the last few months I’ve been trying to pay more attention to not just what I’m writing about, but the quality of what I’m writing as well. I’ve been having some great conversations with a couple of writers who are more experienced than I, and they’ve been giving me some great pointers.

I have trouble with things like, spelling words that sound the same, but have different meanings, and spellings. I also have trouble with knowing when it is appropriate for commas, paragraph breaks, and Stream-conscious when writing about things.

I have no trouble knowing what I want to say, and how I want to say it, but getting it all looking just right, is a bit of a challenge.

I have come to realize that part of this is because I’m lazy. I don’t have any vision at all, and I have issue with dyslexia, and since the many different ways of reading via audio have come along, I don’t read nearly enough Braille. That has caused me to forget how things look.

So, I have decided that I am going to set myself a goal, of reading, one Braille Magazine a week, rather than reading everything via audio. I’m hopeful that will help.

Another thing I need is a spotter. Several of you who follow me on a regular bases, have watched me struggle with tech issues, and have even stuck with me when I was dictating my posts, which at times made for some real interesting words or phrases. So, I’m hoping you’ll help.

I’d like to ask, if you would, when you see things that just should not be, drop me a line. You can comment right back to the post, email, or, if you’re on FB, hit me up on Messenger. Either way I want to hear from you.

Now, to my next topic. I have a question for you, readers of blogs, as well as bloggers. How, much is too much in the posting, and reblogging department. I’m to the point of slowing down on my reblogging. Yes, I still reblog, but not as much as I was.

What I’ve noticed, since my beginning to follow several bloggers is, repeated reblogging. What I mean is, that I am starting to see the same reblogged posts on several different blogs. Now, this may just mean that those reblogging, haven’t seen those same posts in other places, they think they’re awesome, and they want the whole world to see. I get that, but I am going to try_ to be more mindful. I want to blog things my followers, aren’t seeing other places.

So, again, I need spotters. If you see things reblogged here on this site, that you’re seeing ten other places, let me know about it. I really do want to know.

Now, there are a few bloggers that I follower, who are going to get their posts blogged on this site no matter what. Unless I get a ton of comments telling me their stuff is everywhere, that won’t stop, but there is no reason for people who are following my blog to have to see things they have seen everywhere else.

I want to become the best writer that I can be. My dad got me a bluetooth keyboard, so that I could do more work using the WordPress app, and a great friend of mine helped me get a new Laptop. So, now I have all these great tools, and I want to make the very best use of them, as is possible.

So, what say you? Will you help me out? If you’re interested, here are some ways to reach me, now, before someone asks for my FB link, I can never remember how that looks, so I’m just going to put how I’m listed.
My Email: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com
On FB I’m listed as Patty Fletcher, and my nickname is Lady MoonWalker.
Of course you could just make it easy on yourself, and comment right here, but it’s all up to you.

Until next time, this is Patty, who cannot wait to hear from you, and King Campbell who is growling in his sleep saying…
May harmony find you, happy writing, reading, and commenting, and blessid be.

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