Writing Contest!

Writing Contest!

Remember the Electric Company?
Well, Dan reminds me of them!
Why? is he Excited?
Because, he’s got a rockin’ contest going!
Heck, at the very least you might take home a signed copy of my book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life.
make sure to stop by and enter, he’s one Cool Authorley Dude!

Source: Writing Contest!


  1. Thanks for sharing this with your readers! You rock!

    1. You’re welcome. Sharing is one of the things I truly enjoy doing.

      1. And you’re so good at it!

        1. Well, look out! We’ve a spammer amongst us.

          Everyone please be careful of replying to comments, approving etc.

          I’ve got someone sending crap to be approved, so far I’ve dodged their crap.

          So another part of being good at sharing and promoting is watching for spammers.

          I got to say that kind of crap gets my goat in a huge way.

          9 out of 10 spammers are folks who have big huge issues with jealousy. Their blogs, email lists, FB groups whatever flopped so they got to make it miserable for everyone.

          Well, you’re not spamming my pal’s writing contest so go on and find someone else to bother.

          Sorry Dan, had to vent that out!

          1. I get an occasional oddball comment but they get deleted pretty quickly. Thanks for the heads up.

          2. I’ve gotten some spam, and you’re welcome.

            Sorry for getting off on a rant, but that kinda stuff gripes my…!

          3. Nah. It’s fine.

            Sometimes you have to vent.

          4. You know? One-time venting turned into three chapters of a book.

            Speaking of writing, have all yall writing contestants gotten your entries all polished up and ready to go?

            There are some really neat give-aways. Even that book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life from that wonderful whacky author/blogger Patty L. Fletcher, who vents about spammers, is not a bad deal.

            Oh wait! That’s me.

            Whoops! There I go, shamelessly promoting myself. LOL!

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