Writing and Music New post #TuesdayRunes – Isa

Writing and Music New post #TuesdayRunes – Isa

#TuesdayRunes – Isa

by Jan Sikes

Welcome to another segment of our journey through the Elder Futhark script runes!

tuesday-runes.png?w=560Set of Wooden Runes made by Jan Sikes

Today’s Runic Symbol is Isa (ee-sah).

isa.jpg?w=560The Isa Rune handmade by Jan Sikes

The word, Isa, translates to ice. The keywords associated with the rune are: obstacles, standstill, stagnation, delay and coldness.

This is the exact opposite of our Tarot Reading yesterday, but remember this is not a reading. It’s simply a study of each rune from start to finish.

Isa is the third rune in the Hagal’s Aett, and the third in a row to carry a predominantly negative meaning.

As a representation of frozen water, Isa signifies a lack of movement, which is likely frustrating. There may be physical circumstances blocking our progress, a loss of energy, or mental blocks that you cannot see past in order to move forward.

It can also indicate a delay, and it is best to accept this as a reality in your current situation, instead of pushing against it. Know that the sun will eventually return to melt the block of ice and allow water to flow freely again.

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