A soft green circle with a light blue border and handwritten diagonal text reading The Writer’s Grapevine. The text is also light blue with a teal outline around each letter. Gray vines with leaves and grapes wind around the border of the circle.

The writer’s Grapevine is a quarterly news and literary magazine featuring Writers, Small Business and Nonprofits.

In each issue you’ll find a variety of Articles, Essays, Short Stories and Poems for your enjoyment and education.

Along with the magazine comes a community to which you’re invited.

This group is an extension of The Writer’s Grapevine Magazine and is a place where authors, bloggers, and business owners as well as nonprofits come to share tidbits about their personal and working lives Etc.

Joining this group will allow you to…

·         Receive monthly editions of the magazine and all things related.

·         Be in direct contact with magazine contributors. And…

·         Have conversations about what you read in the magazine and more.

There are only a few group rules, and they are…

·         No flaming or racist comments and absolutely no bullying.

We will be respectful and kind to all who subscribe.

To join us via email, send a blank message to: writersGV+subscribe@groups.io

If email is not your thing, you may join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/434175414555004

To submit an article, essay, short story, or poem please email me at the email patty link found at the footer of any page on this site for guidelines.

Please include your name, bio, and website if available.

Thanks for joining us.

May harmony find you.

Blessid be.