***WOW***Why authors ♡ their characters – by Traci Sanders

***WOW***Why authors ♡ their characters – by Traci Sanders

Traci Sanders is one of those women who are forces to be reckoned with. A mother, daycare provider, owner of the Readers Review Room, soccer coach and multigenre author, and I bet those who know he…

Source: Why authors ♡ their characters – by Traci Sanders

WOW! Yeah! I write a fantasy fiction series on my blog called A Chance Meeting: a Lady MoonWalker Story.
Laya MoonWalker is the person I want to be. She’s Self Made. She’s created her own magazine and it has gone interplanetary. She’s been given a chance to prove herself, and right smack in the middle of her first real break, she runs right slam! into an old, forbidden love, who is now, available and at her disposal. Only is he? Is he who he claims? or, is she right, and there is more to him than meets the eye? Will she forsake the only chance she may ever have to make it big to be with him, or will she use him to blow the lid off a secret order a Society of men who would like nothing better than to push the worlds in which they live, back for light years.

Read, and see if this doesn’t ring your chimes. I totally get what this author is saying here, because she writes of how she can become through her carachters everything that she’s always wanted to be, safely and absolutely spot on!

Read, learn, grow. Share at will…


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