WOW! One year!: Dictated

WOW! One year!: Dictated

I was just looking at my WordPress notifications, and realized that today makes one whole year since I began all this. I have learned a lot. In someways I have grown and in other ways I have not. I have made many mistakes, and I am still doing some damage control. Here are some things I have learned this year.

1. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Do not make promises you know you cannot keep, or that you are not sure of. Honesty is always best. While, you might think you are making someone feel good by telling them what you believe they wish to hear, if you cannot deliver on what you say you are only making yourself look unreliable.

2. Absolutely 100% of the time, beat your self. Everyone else is taken. No need to be anything other than what you are.

3. Be impeccable with not only your word, but your actions. In short, if you don’t want people to know how you are, don’t be that way. You can only pretend for so long, before the truth will find you out. Sometimes, when it finds you, it can destroy you.

4. Always do your very best. Remember, your best is going to change from time to time depending on your circumstance. So, be good to yourself, be constructively critical. Yes, you need to know what you are doing wrong, why, and you need to fix it. You also cannot tear yourself down. There are plenty Who will do it for you.

5. Love your neighbor, as your self. What does that really mean? Well, I began to learn that way back in 2010. I learned, that, if I did not love myself, I could never love another. Not truly. Because, how can you love someone else as you love yourself if you do not love your self?

6. Make certain, to not be dishonest with those who are helping you, working for you, or with you. In the end, you will lose. You can lose friends, family, and even a life. If you are not honest it can cause many difficulties. Truth is always best.

What are my hopes, and goals, for this coming year?

1. To improve!

2. To find a job that includes my writing ability.

3. To try, harder, to go forward, from hurtful things in my past.

4. To be more of the person I wish I were, and less of the person I wish I were not.

This is going to take lots of hard work. Will I succeed? I don’t know. Stay tuned, continue to follow me, and find out!🤗!

I thank you, for coming along with me thus far. I invite you, to continue with me, and Campbell, as we go forward.

May harmony find you. Blessid be!

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