APRIL 17, 2021



UPRIGHT: Success, public recognition, progress, self-confidence

REVERSED: Private achievement, personal definition of success, fall from grace, egotism

Six Of Wands Description

The Six of Wands depicts a man wearing a victory wreath around his head and riding a decorated white horse through a crowd of cheering people. His horse represents strength, purity and the successful progression of an adventure, and the group of people marks the public recognition for the man’s achievements. The rider holds an upright wand with a wreath tied to the top, further emphasizing success and achievement. He is not afraid to show off to others what he has accomplished in his life so far and, even better, the surrounding crowd is delighted to cheer him along.

NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.

WOW! What a card to draw on this awesome day! I mean, one must remember not to allow their ego to take over when they achieve their goals and success comes rolling in but just WOW!

Here I am, on this magnificent morning, posting on my new site. What’s more, when I reblogged a post from friend and fellow blogger Carol Taylor, the post came to me in my inbox and that hadn’t been working when I went to bed. It is possible, my magickal tech genius Casey Mathews has been tapping his magik keyboard and working some configurations but whatever the case things seem to be moving along in a wonderful direction for me.

There are other wonders taking place in my life as well. I’ve changed my Zoom pro account from a monthly subscription to a yearly payment, thus freeing more money each month. I’m working on migrating my podcasts to a new home, and this too will free monthly money.

I am ever closer to the goal of finding the extra I need to pay my rent here each month when it goes up in May. I desire this quite a lot but of course I’m still speaking with Mother Father Goddess/God daily, requesting complete clarity and guidance to know just where I am to live. I’ve not one doubt that I will do just as I am meant and be just where I am to be. For I know…

There is no part of my life which does not belong to the Goddess.

There is no part of my body which does not belong to the Goddess.

I am she and she is me.

We are one and we are we.

So Mote It Be.

Blessid Be.


It is so wonderful to have heavenly parents. I can go to my heavenly father for protection, advice and assistance just as one would pick up the phone and call their dad. I can call on my heavenly mother for loving comfort, guidance, and to share my successes, failures or anything else I wish.

When I began thinking in these terms and working to ferret out those things which were blocking my joy and success, my entire life changed. I am happier now than any other time in my life and it bursts forth from me as the blooms burst from the budding flowers along the wooded path.

I now understand what it means to have that peace which passes all understanding and I pray for those who do not. For I know what a wretched existence it is without.

I thank you for joining me in my excited passions and bid you a happy day.

Remember, Happiness, Joy and Success are a choice, so choose to be all you are this day!


Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. She is Also a Social Media Marketing Assistant.

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  1. So happy for you Darling Friend!!
    Somehow I got unsubscribed, but plan to fix that.
    Love being part of your parade…keep shining bright!

  2. Hi Patty, this is great news. I am really pleased that everything is going well for you. Long may it continue. Hugs.

  3. Wow, Patty. This is terrific. Congratulations!

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