Work Harder, Reach Higher and Unite #What’sUp

Work Harder, Reach Higher and Unite #What’sUp

DECEMBER 27, 2020.


Good morning.

Here we are on the last Sunday of this year.

I’ve been making my New Year’s Intentions. Setting my goals and thinking about all the Magnificent things I’ve Accomplished in this year of 2020.

Yes, in some ways it has been a rough year. I’ve lost people to COVID, I’ve a dear friend fighting serious illness, and I lost my sweet beloved Bubba Dog.

But all was not lost. I have also seen great success!

I’ve published a new book, grown my business by leaps and bounds. Picked up some new clients and seen some I’ve had with me a while grow in their own success.

I’ve a sweet new baby to love and I decree that before 2021 is out, I’ll also have a new guide by my side.

I have serious things to get done in the year to come.

The word I’ve chosen for 2021 is Unite.

When I write, or market, I do so with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disabled from the nondisabled.

I do this by asking why this is and holding both the disabled and nondisabled accountable for their part in this great chasm.

Yes, disabled people, you’ve a part in this chasm. There are things you can do to help bridge this gap. Those of you who are nondisabled, I say to you, you also play a part.

I say to all this must STOP!

In this coming year I’ll be challenging my clients to work harder, reach higher, and go further than they’ve ever dreamed was possible.

I’ll be separating the wheat from the chaff.

I’ll be expecting those I work with as well as those with whom I’m friends and those I love to do their part. I will no longer live, love or work in a one-sided world.

 If this sounds harsh, that is just too bad.

I have made huge mistakes in my life. I’ve worked hard to overcome them. I have put the past behind me and anyone who cannot do likewise is gone from me. erased, removed, wiped away!

I continue to enjoy my time off as I rest and renew!

I bid all a Happy Day.

May harmony find you and blessid be!

Patty L. Fletcher

Self-Published Author and Social Media Promotional Assistant


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