#WordPressWednesday and GV Group: What, Why and How #Author’sCorner #BusinessCorner #Tip

#WordPressWednesday and GV Group: What, Why and How #Author’sCorner #BusinessCorner #Tip

FEBRUARY 10, 2021.


*** Please read carefully and if you’ve questions and you’re not a group member, direct them to me at: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com using the subject line, #WordPressWednesday and GV Group. Reading via way of the writersGV@groups.io group, simply reply to this email to discuss.

If you’re a screenreader user, please arrow through the Hashtags presented here so you see how to correctly write them.

So, here I am on another #WordPressWednesday, armed with my first cup of coffee, doctored with my favorite creamer, my cat purring beside me whilst enjoying his breakfast and the news of the day chattering softly in the background.

This morning, after having received a multitude of entries for The Writer’s Grapevine magazine and several questions concerning #WordPressWednesday as well as the use of The Writer’s Grapevine group, I once again am sharing the following information with you.

First, to #WordPressWednesday.

When I began blogging on WordPress, I learned that many bloggers who use the platform, use Wednesdays to promote their blogs and in fact, the WordPress Facebook group I belong to uses this day to allow its members to share their blogs with the others in that group. So, having learned all this, I decided to use #WordPressWednesday to promote the bulk of my client and guest blogger’s work.

Those who read and adhere to my guidelines have seen that the deadline to submit work which will be used during this day is to come to me on Mondays and those who have blogs of their own who wish to have specific posts shared on that day should have this work made available to me before or on Wednesdays so I’m sure to reblog it onto my blog for them. For those who blog on WordPress, this is easy. Just make sure I’m receiving your posts and I’ll simply share posts which come on or near this day from your blog to mine. For those who blog on a different platform however, I really need your post URLS so that I’m able to share via use of my Smartphone which allows me to share directly from your posts over to my blog.

Today, those of you who take the time to read and share posts from my blog will note the use of the Hashtag #WordPressWednesday quite a bit. As I’ve explained in the past, Hashtags are used to help raise the likelyhood of a post being found in a search engine because Hashtags are like little foghorns blaring out the tag words into the bloggosphere and across the Wide World Web for all to easily find.

Now, onto the use of The Writer’s Grapevine group.

As group members and many others reading are aware, The writer’s Grapevine is a monthly news and literary magazine featuring Writers, Small Business and Nonprofits.

In each issue you’ll find a variety of Articles, Essays, Short Stories and Poems for your enjoyment and education.

Along with the magazine comes a community of which those reading from the writersGV@groups.io group are members and to which others reading are invited.

This group is an extension of The Writer’s Grapevine Magazine and is a place where authors, bloggers and business owners as well as nonprofits come to share tidbits about their personal and working lives Etc. Being a member of this group will allow you to…

·         Receive monthly editions of the magazine and all things related.

·         Be in direct contact with magazine contributors. And…

·         Have conversations about what you read in the magazine and more.

There are only a few group rules and they are…

·         No flaming or racist comments and absolutely no bullying.

We will be respectful and kind to all who subscribe.

Just so you know what we’re about, here’s some information you’ll need to know when you begin to post…

First, a little reminder. This group was created not only so we could have a place to discuss the magazine, which I truly wish we’d do a bit more of, but it was also created so members would have a place to share your work with one another and so we could all share what is shared here onto our own blogs, Facebook pages, and other social media and email groups to which we belong. I’m happy to say there are some of you who are doing this quite well, others, disappointingly not so much and a few not at all.

Below is a list and description of our group topics. You will use these when posting.

Group Topics…


These topics are to be added to the title of your subject line when posting to the group and are to be written as shown here.

Example: Weekend Facebook Event: #NewsNuggets #What’sUp

*Begin Topic List*










Members, if you’d like to invite your friends, instruct them to send a blank email to: writersGV+subscribe@groups.io

If you’re reading from another source other than the group, you’re not a member but you’d like to join, simply follow the above instructions and subscribe.

Once you’re subscribed if you’d like to post to the group send your offering using the correct topic in your subject line to: writersGV@groups.io

Now, I’d like to add that to some this might seem complicated but truly it is not. One of the purposes of this group is to help you become used to adhering to guidelines. Those of you who have been publishing in various ways for some time know that things like anthologies, contests and magazines have very specific submission guidelines. Being mindful of those guidelines can make or break you as a writer. If you aren’t careful when submitting and don’t follow the guidelines set forth it can mean certain rejection. So, being a person who believes learning comes best when doing I’ve created a place where learning can be done whilst creating a nice place to share with likeminded people.

Do you need to be a writer to gain from this group? Not at all. If you’re a business owner or nonprofit worker goodness knows you spend an enormous amount of time writing as part of the work that you do. You must learn to create ads. You must learn to create solid queries and if you’re smart you’ll use blogging as a way to promote what it is you do.

Now that I’ve given you this information I truly hope more of you will share here a bit more of who you are and all you do.

Thank You for being a member of our Writer’s Grapevine Community.

May Harmony find You and Blessid Be.

Patty L. Fletcher

Self-Published Author and Social Media Promotional Assistant

Email: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com

See my latest book, Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life Second Edition in eBook and Paperback at:  https://www.amazon.com/Patty-L.-Fletcher/e/B00Q9I7RWG

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