WordPress what’s wrong with you?: Dictating.

WordPress what’s wrong with you?: Dictating.

WordPress! What’s wrong with you?

Your site continues to have problems. Half the time the press this button and re-blog buttons don’t work, unless you Unfollow and re-follow the blog, and then refresh the screen. We have written, and complained, and asked for this to be fixed, yet, you do nothing.

Many people are having trouble with paying back is coming through, we have written, complain, asked for this to be fixed, yet, you do nothing.

You took away our Facebook automatic sharing, we must post to Facebook on our own now, and, half the time my automatic LinkedIn sharing feature doesn’t work either. Again, complaints have been sent in, and again, you have done nothing.

Accessibility is little to none, the new block edit her is not accessible at all, we have written, we have complained, we have asked, we have begged you to do some thing, yet, you do nothing.

It appears that you care not for your users. So, I ask you again, WordPress what’s wrong with you?


  1. Patty, have you tried using wordpress.com on your phone’s browser? I don’t know if Syrie will take dictation there, but it’s worth a try.

    1. Hi, I’m not using Siri to dictate. He doesn’t work with WordPress at all. I’m using the WordPress app. But I’ll try what you sent. Thanks.

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