WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY:Character Interview by Trish Hubschman

WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY:Character Interview by Trish Hubschman

We’re back with more, WordPress Wednesday.

Now, here we have author of Stiff Competition Trish Hubschman with a great character interview.

Be sure to keep reading once the piece is through to learn all about Trish and her fabulous series.

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Interview of the Week

Tracy Gayle


By Trish Hubschman


Note:  The below are characters  from my Tracy Gayle mystery books, Stiff Competition and the upcoming one, Ratings Game


1.       sTell us a little about yourself?


My name is Tracy Gayle.  I’m a private detective. I’ve had my own agency, Gayle Investigations, for the past 8 years


2.       What kind of cases do you prefer working on

Well, finding missing persons is more satisfying than uncovering dead bodies, but  sometimes looking for a person  who disappeared way back when turns out to be a homicide.


3.       Where do you live?

My home base has always been Long Island


4.       Is there a special person in your life?


(Tracy smiles) Yes, my fiancé Danny Tide. He’s a rock musician with the band Tidalwave.   He’s the kindest, most wonderful, caring man I’ve ever known.


5.       How did you meet him?

Well, this happened a few years ago. His band was on hiatus on The Island. The  guys were unwinding on the beach and their tour bus burst into flames.  Danny hired me to find out what happened and help find the arsonist. I did. I went on tour with the band, posing as their security chief.  Danny and I became very good friends

(Tracy holds up her hand) Before you ask, I’ll tell you. How did Danny know about me? A homicide cop friend of mine was on the scene. He just stopped in, I guess (she giggles). Anyway, he got to talking with Danny, mentioned me and so I was hired


6.       What do you feel your strengths/weaknesses are?


I’m good at my job and I love it

I do better with the field work, asking questions, being nosy, chasing down the bad guy.  My secretary/assistant in the office, Lois, does most of the computer work

I’m not too fond of firearms, but I’m a pretty good shot. I was a cop before I went private

I sometimes get  squeamish at crime scenes, especially if they’re too bloody. Ironically, Danny does better with them. Tide financed my small agency.  That love!  Anyway, the rock star is a darn good super sleuth.   He’s an asset to me and my  company.


7.        Does a busy private eye have time to take a break once in a while? What are your hobbies? What do you do in leisure?


I enjoy doing yard work, getting out there with a rake or hoe, gardening, cleaning up leaves, even  weeding flower beds.

I like reading a good mystery  book. Yeah, I like stories with cops, FBI, private eyes like myself

I’m much more into music now than I was before I met Danny and the Tidalwave gang.

If I can find the time, I enjoy going out for a good run. Jogging clears the head and helps the thought waves. I’ve also got a whole gym of equipment in my basement courtesy of Danny Tide. (Tracy waves her hand) That’s another story entirely!


8.       What’s your favorite food?

Oh, that’s easy, cheeseburgers and pizza.  Those 2 yummies are very hard to find when we’re on tour. The guys have to eat super proper meals or they’ll get sick or gain weight. When I’m alone or on the road for my job, I tend to eat these yummies.

9.        What irritates you more than anything else?

(Tracy tilts her head back and laughs) Oh, I love this one!  What drives me nuts, okay, we’re on tour, the show has started 20 minutes ago and people are still coming in looking for their seats. Why do they have to arrive late? Why do they have to put everyone else out in the row their seats are in?

I also can’t stand when people send texts on their phone during a show. I can see the bright light of the phone. It’s disruptive and disgusting and rude



10.  What positive, upbeat advice would you give  others?

(She taps her chin to think) Danny never gave up. He had a dream and ambition and kept with his music. I did the same with my dream of investigation work.  That’s the advice I’d give, never give up, keep trying.






A Romantic Suspense Novel

Stiff Competition (Miss America): A Tracy Gayle Mystery

by Trish Hubschman

In e-book ($2.99) and print ($9.50) on Amazon and other bookselling sites.

227 pages in print.

Cover, free text sample, author bio, direct buying links, and more: https://www.dldbooks.com/hubschman/


About the Book

America’s favorite rock band, Tidalwave, is playing the Miss America pageant. Band leader Danny Tide is emceeing the event.  All is going according to schedule. The judges have picked the 10 semi–finalists. Suddenly, everything comes to a halt. Miss New Jersey is missing. Nobody knows what happened to her or where she is. Danny calls his longtime PI friend, Tracy Gayle, and asks her to come down to Atlantic City to help figure things out. In need of her best friend for personal support and eager to get to another case, Tracy agrees. There’s an all–out search of the hotels on the boardwalk. They find Miss New Jersey, but it’s not good. Her kidnapping leads to another assault and murder. The big star and the lady PI work together on this one, so that the Miss America pageant can continue as usual.


About the Author

Trish Hubschman has published three books with America Star Books: a short story collection of time travel and romance stories called Through Time and the first two books in the Tracy Gayle/Danny Tide series: The Fire and Unlucky Break. Trish attended college at Long Island University’s Southampton campus, earning a BA degree in English with an emphasis in writing. She lives on Long Island with her husband and two dogs.





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