WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY!: Tell Me a Story Patty Fletcher


  1. Patty, Just tried for over an hour to find your podcast. I used the search feature and just got the text intro, but no play button. I then went to the TMS Radio site and searched your name again and got no results.

    1. Donna. Sorry you’re having trouble.

      Here is the direct URL. I sent this out to everyone yesterday. You must not have received it.

      Once you click this URL and are on the site, use control home, go to the very top of the page, then slowly arrow down through the names until you reach mine there will be a play button directly underneath my name. If you don’t see it press enter on my name and it will pop up for you. So far everyone who has used one of these methods has been able to play.

      Visit: http://www.themagichappensnow.com/tell-me-a-story-with-annette-rochelle-aben

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