WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY: Review of The Heart of Applebutter Hill

WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY: Review of The Heart of Applebutter Hill

Here we are again on this wonderfully productive WordPress Wednesday, and if you like a great book review to help you decide whether you want to read a book or not then I’ve got one for you.

Here’s author Donna W. Hill to share a fellow blogger’s review of her book with you.

To read this awesome review and learn about Donna and all she has to offer please visit:  http://donnawhill.com/2019/05/22/shareareviewday-tuesday-the-heart-of-applebutter-hill-by-donna-w-hill/


Thanks for dropping by campbellsworld, and be sure to check back in later today. We’re sure to have more great stuff coming up really soon.





  1. Thanks, Patty. Jackie has had sucha full and diverse career and life, and it’s a real treat for me that she enjoys my book so much.

    1. Hi Donna.

      Yes, it’s always wonderful when someone like that enjoys our work.

      I’d shared this once before, but I’ve new followers and so wanted them to have a peek. Figured sharing in this way would allow people to simply come to your blog to have a look at all you’re up to.

      1. Thanks, I thought you had shared it when Marcia posted initially, so I wasn’t sure if you would, but I appreciate it.

        1. Hi Donna.

          I tend to reshare things from time to time, and in different ways.

          Reasoning behind this is a couple things. First, new followers are coming on all the time and they’ve not seen things. Next, the first time I shared it the way I shared it took the reader to Marsha’s blog. The second time I shared it took the reader to your blog.

          Anytime you share a post, especially from another’s blog, the object is to drive traffic to the blogger’s blog. In this case, since you had it on your blog I wanted to take people to your blog.

          Even if they needed to go to her blog after, the whole goal in yesterday’s sharing was to drive traffic to your blog and hopefully your book.

          1. Patty, I like sharing things over and over in different ways on social media – something I used to do all the time, which I am just getting back to. Like you, I use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

            This whole re-blogging thing and in particular making people jump through hoops to read the whole post is new to me. So far, I don’t like it much. When I check the resulting Likes, Comments and Shares, it doesn’t seem to work. I also look at the number of followers, and where a person like Marcia or Sally, has more followers than we do, I figure it’s better for me and my book in the long run to direct people to those sites which have a proven track-record of more traffic, more Likes and more Comments. They can always get to my site after reading the post elsewhere, if they wish.

            I guess it’s a different philosophy, and I’m happy to give your way a shot, but not exclusively. I changed my notifications to my email followers so that they don’t get the whole post. Most of my followers are using the WP Reader, so I figured it wouldn’t be a big loss, if it actually results in fewer page views. The people who recommend it don’t take into consideration that some of our followers want to read the post, have actually purchased the book, but they don’t like messing around online. Also, for those who are willing to comment/like using the links in the email notification or who simply post a comment by replying to those notifications, not having the whole post makes it less likely that they will comment. Anyway, my two cents. 😊

          2. First of all, you see that they have more followers, the reason is because, re-blogging does work. Re-blogging drove traffic to their blog, and while people were there, they read other stuff. It has worked for me too. You’re looking at this from the wrong point of you. Also, if, people are reading post via email notification, they can, most of the time, read the entire post from the email notification, unless, the post is re-blog from another blog. In which case they’re going to have to go to that blog to read it. Which, drives the traffic to that blog. When I post an original post on my blog, anybody who gets my blog post via email, can read the entire post from that email, without clicking anything, and, if they have gone to the site at least one time and set up their comments so that they always receive notifications via email, they can comment without ever going back to the site, simply by replying to the email. If you have it set up correctly in your settings, it works wonderfully. My blog has grown by leaps and bounds since I started re-blogging other peoples things, and they started re-blogging mine. It’s all a matter of knowing how to use the set up. Of course you can also use the Readmore link so that you put so much text and then the link, and you can also use the press this feature. Again, you have to have it set up correctly in your settings. WordPress has lots of YouTube videos, so check them out.

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          3. Patty, Thanks for your perspective. I will give it some thought. I had a surprise on WP today. I was asked by a mutual friend to sign her up for my blog. In order to do that, I had to sign out of WP. When I added her email, that field said “Join 1440 other followers …” Anyway, I looked a week or two ago, and it said I only had 78 followers via the reader and 10 via email. I can’t figure how it could have grown that much in that short of time.

          4. Donna, that’s the net feed for WP. As well as your blog.

            It updated when you logged out and back in, but you should never have to log out to sign someone up for your blog. If you simply go to the very bottom of the page where it says People and underneath has the add link, you click on that and put in their email address and it automatically sends them an invite to subscribe.

            Also, it takes years of doing this sharing thing and constant engagement and interaction to bring about growth.

            You have subscribed email followers, and then you have net feed followers, and they’re two entirely different things.

          5. Another thing, everything I have read, and I have seen this to be true, is that you don’t want all your content to be yours. You want to share other peoples work, so that you have a variety of things on your blog. If you don’t like sharing other peoples work from blogs, i.e., re-blogging then, offer guest posting, and have people submit things to you to post on to your blog in full.

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          6. Yes, I’m aware of that. I am considering the guest blogs and doing interviews.

          7. It has taken me years of extremely hard work to get the small amount of recognition I have now.

            I continue to say, this type of promotion is like erosion, slow but everlasting. Just relax, take your time and find out what works for you.

            You also need to participate in more promotional opportunities. Be a guest on other’s blogs. Participate in interviews such as the Sunday getting to know you on Sally Cronin’s blog, the Introduce yourself interview on the PBS and others.

  2. Patty, thanks for the tip about signing people up. I am participating in the opportunities I find online as best as I can. I did an interview with Marcia, shared a chapter of my book on Kevin’s site for National Poetry Month, a Posts from Your Archives for Sally & another one coming up, and I have many others in my folder that I am working on. I just can’t keep up with all of the sharing and get anything done.

    1. You can’t share everything all the time. You have to pick your priorities, and also, if you are going to get into the blogging thing, I recommend setting aside just one day a week, to sit down and read blog post, and decide what you are going to share and what you are not. You can’t do everything all of the time. You have to prioritize. I have found, that having a day set aside for each thing I want to do, helps me keep things in perspective.

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