WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-READING WITH THE AUTHORS: A Place To Belong by multi-genre author Phyllis Staton Campbell #Youngadult

WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-READING WITH THE AUTHORS: A Place To Belong by multi-genre author Phyllis Staton Campbell #Youngadult

Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors.

Before I close out another WordPress Wednesday I must share a note friend and client, multi-genre author Phyllis Staton Campbell sent out to readers not long ago.

I must also tell you that when I was fortunate enough to grab a copy of this book, I sat down one afternoon and while sipping a large glass of sweet iced tea, read the book spoken of here in one, big, delightful gulp.

And now, here’s Phyllis.


Writers often speak of their work, as their creation, their children. If this is true, I’m in danger of someone calling child protective services. I have neglected one of my children, “A place to Belong” recently re-released by Goldtouch Press, and available at Amazon, and other locations, such as B&N, or ask your local bookstore to order it.


Because this book for young adults and older readers, has been sitting in its lonely neglected state, it may seem somewhat dated, going back to 2001, but except for some historic references it is as real as the day I wrote it for a contest sponsored by Delacorte Press, receiving a personal note along with the rejection. Due to my husband’s illness and death, along with my own illness, the poor little thing sat there, perhaps saying, “Notice me, please tell the world about me!” So, okay, I’m trying, I’m trying!


Here’s a bit about “A Place to Belong to whit your appetite.


Jill thinks her world is perfect until suddenly she loses her sight, and finds herself living with her grandmother on a farm in rural Virginia, while her mother goes to London with her wealthy husband on a buying trip for his line of dress shops.  Follow Jill through those first months of blindness as she finds new values and love.

There are many who walk along this new road with her. There’s Gran, as much at home at her computer as feeding the chickens. There’s Susan, also blind, who is capable, and shares her knowledge with humor and kindness. There’s Kevin, who reaches out to her, offering friendship, and a bit more. And there’s Jasper, the gallant dog who followed his master to the very door of death, and who, along with Jill, must find a new world.

Filled with unforgettable characters, human and animal, this is a moving story that will appeal to young and old.


To read more about this lonely book-child of mine, go to my author’s page:


She’s waiting for you!


  1. P. Campbell Reply
    June 17, 2020

    Thank you, Patty.

    1. Hey there Miss Phyllis.

      You’re certainly welcome. Makes me want to read this book again.

      Anyone who reads it will spend an afternoon or so in enjoyment.

      Patty L. Fletcher

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