WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-READING WITH THE AUTHORS: 24 Days To Success Reviewed by author Pranav Lal

WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-READING WITH THE AUTHORS: 24 Days To Success Reviewed by author Pranav Lal

24 days to success

A practical no nonsense guide to starting an online business!

Many people if asked will say that they want to start a business. It remains a dream for any number of reasons. Popular reasons are I do not know what to do, I cannot sell etc. What if there was a system to show you what to do? The product gives you specific advice and sets a day-by-day schedule which tells you what to do on each day.

I’ll tell you my own story. I am disabled and want to augment my income. As I write this, I am between jobs. I do not have any salary coming in and my capital is eroded due to the market crash. The 24 days to success product has kept me on track. I have a system to follow to build my online business for selling digital products. I have created and launched 2 products but when I read the lesson on day 19, I realized that I had not launched my second eBook correctly. Great, I have a direction to follow.

The 24 days to success product comes in a series of lessons rendered in HTML. No videos therefore your broadband plan will not be strained. I know, you are still wondering, what do you get?

You start with the basics in terms of deciding a product that you want to sell. The focus of the course is on digital products like eBooks. You can also sell fiction but the 24 days to success is geared towards non-fiction especially when it comes to things like promotion techniques. You then need to create the product. This is where the product could do more handholding because getting an idea of what to sell was my first stumbling block. Once I was passed it, things became smoother. The product does have a unique approach when it comes to product creation. I was initially perplexed by it, but it helps when you begin writing because your product is already outlined.

You then launch, rinse and repeat.

This is not a get rich quick product nor does it promise no effort. The amount of work involved is huge.

One warning, do not rush through the days because they appear to be initially simple. Think deeply about what you want to do.

Could I have not learnt all of this for free? Yes, I could after listening to stacks of podcasts, attending webinars and reading articles. However, this is a system that simplifies the entire process. Think about having the right tool for the right job. Suppose you were transporting milk. You could do so in your car with the air conditioner running to keep it cool, but a better option would be to get a truck with a dedicated freezer. The same applies to ice cream trucks. You sell better and faster when you feature your home-made ice cream in a truck as opposed to say delivering boxes by hand.

In summary, use this lockdown period to start a business. It may not be your dream business; you may want to make the next self-driving car but 24 days to success will give you the best teacher of all, experience.

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