1. My absolute pleasure and delight, dear Patty, thank you for the inspiration, blessings and love to you! *willows in mist**wags and kisses*

    1. You’re welcome.

      Sounds crazy I know, but that one bloom on that plant has helped me hold on for the last few days.

      Sometimes it’s the smallest gifts which are truly the largest.

      1. Sounds perfectly sensible to me, maybe the most sensible, human response, how Nature speaks and heals and instructs…if we are open to hear and learn. Thanks for all you are, darling friend! *smiling heart*

        1. I thought it was really neat that her bloom opened during the first quarter moon.

  2. Sounds hopeful to me. *blessings and love*

    1. Being that she’s a creature of the earth it has helped me stay grounded.

      Your poetry is another thing which helps me remain so.

      I see that you’ve posted another and I will read and share later today.

      1. It touches me deeply to know you find my poetry a help, thank you for sharign your heart, wishing you sweetness and much love! *willows at dawn**doggy kisses and wags*

        1. Hi.

          I’ve a couple from you that are in the cue for sharing.

          Just trying to swim out from under the current of email.

          *Love and Wags*

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