WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY: Love At First Sight by author Trish Hubschman (Reposting with corrected author name. My Apologies to Trish and Kevin Hubschman)


  1. Henry’s a gem and we’re so lucky to have found him. I told him about his siblings Hope and Charlie

    1. Hi Trish, after having some animal spirit contact, which I shall write of sometime soon, I believe Hope and Charlie will visit Henry if they’ve not already.

      You may or may not feel their presence. But, rest assured, your fur babies who are gone, know how much you loved and cared for them and they’re very glad you’ve another in your life, and so am I.

      You’ve done some amazing work, and improved so much.

      Even when you lost your babies so close together you kept right on writing and moving forward, and I am proud of you.

      Henry is going to bring you much joy.

      If Kevin takes video of him, have him email it to me. I’d love to have it.

      Love you guys.

      PS. Now! Herm-Hum!

      King Campbell here. You’re not signing off quite yet. Not until I welcome the young pup to campbellsworld properly.

      Henry there are two things you must remember without fail.

      First, you must remember that meal times are most important, and not just yours. These humans are a messy lot and they must be cleaned up after often. So, watch for crumbs at table.

      Next, play time and snuggles are the best, and if you can get a Kong toy or two you’ll be doing way good.

      Anyhow, Human Hubschman family we here in the Campbell Kingdom, located in campbellsworld love yall very much.



      1. I know they’re here. They sent us Henry.

        1. Hi Human Trish. This is King Campbell.

          Mommy said you couldn’t find our together comment. It is the one you’ve replied to here.


          I totally get how all this commenting can be really way confusing, cause my doggy brain gets it all mixed up too.

          The other day I accidentally commented on a cat’s post. GEES! Talk about messing up my rep. Although, SHH don’t tell nobody but I do like kitties, but mommy won’t let me have one.


          To Henry Dog, meal times are most important, and not just yours. You have to watch the humans when they eat too because they’re messy and you must clean up what they drop. If you don’t their house will become nasty with crumbs.

          Also remember belly rubs, play time and snuggle time is important, and if you can get a Kong toy or two you’ll be doing very fine indeed.

          Have fun with your new humans.

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