WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-AUTHOR’S CORNER: Win a Free Book by author Phyllis Staton Campbell #Contest

WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-AUTHOR’S CORNER: Win a Free Book by author Phyllis Staton Campbell #Contest


By: Phyllis Staton Campbell

May, 2020

Website:  http://www.amazon.com/author/psc-books-all




Did somebody say contest!

Hi, this is Phyllis, and I am indeed holding a contest.

My long awaited sequel to “Where Sheep May Safely Graze” titled “Goin’ Home”  by Phyllis Staton Campbell was released in March. People have asked, “What inspired you to write, “goin’ Home?” Enter the contest. The title is from the “New World Symphony.” What I want you to tell me is what inspired the writing of the book. The winner will receive their choice of any of my Kindle books on my Amazon page.

Here’s how it works

Go to:

or go to my page


If the links don’t work, copy and paste into your browser.

Get a copy of the book, read, and tell me what you think inspired the writing. Hint, it’s a song.

Send your entry directly to me:


The contest will run until I have a winner.

Here’s an excerpt to start you wondering.


He found himself wondering about Thomas, not the frail old man he saw moving like a gray spirit around the exercise lot, but about the boy, who had committed the atrocity, now so common, but almost unheard of fifty years ago. What had motivated him, a country boy, his whole life ahead of him, to brutally take the lives, not of enemies, or imagined enemies, but of innocents, ending his own chance for the life he had been intended to live.

As he scanned the document, he noticed that the crime and arrest, occurred exactly fifty years ago to the day. The timing hadn’t been intentional, of course, and he knew enough about people to know just how unfortunate it was. Feelings would be running high, even after all those years.

Thomas had come up for parole once, but even the psychiatrist had thought it a bad idea, so there he had stayed, forgotten, for the most part, except for his friend, some kind of celebrity, who visited when he could. When the doctors diagnosed a serious heart condition, there had been no objection to cutting him lose to die out of prison. Robert Thomas was going home




  1. An interesting book premise, Patty. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this. The book is quite good, and is the second in a series.

      I’ve read pretty much everything Phyllis has written and can’t find a bad book in the bunch.

      1. That’s good to know, Patty.

        1. Well, I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t so.

          Once someone suggested I might say so because I help to promote her, but I gotta say if I don’t like a book I will flat-out say so.


          PS. Thinking about getting your Sir Chocolate book for my grand-nephew and niece.

          1. I am also like that about books, Patty. I promote writers I admire and books I enjoy. I don’t doubt your integrity. It is kind of you to consider reading one of our Sir Choc books. Unfortunately, they are expensive in the US. I am happy to send you an ARC version if you prefer.

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