Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors.

This afternoon it gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist) client family.

His name is Pranav Lal, and he comes from India.

Shortly after he came on board, I sent him my featured author of the week questionnaire, and he took that and created a wonderful narrative for me to share with you.

And so, without further ado here’s Pranav.

About me
This is where I should start by saying I was born in location X and my childhood was filled with—– but wait, who am I? Yes, we have not figured out what makes us conscious, but I know I am conscious. I change every day so who I am changes once in every 24 hours at least or is it a gradual process?

I write so yes; I am a creator of the written word. I love reading too and my favourite way to spend a Friday evening or a Saturday morning is to be in the middle of a good science fiction or fantasy or may be a thriller. Think A.C. Cobble, J.R.R. Tolkien the many books of Star Trek, Frederick Forsyth, Abbie Johnson Taylor, Jackie McBride, Phil Vlasak, Lana Van Horn, Ann Parsons, Lillian Way, Patty Fletcher, Michael A. Stackpole, John Flanagan and Clive Cussler to name a few. I enjoy writing short fiction as well as non-fiction.

I am a manager by training and work in cyber security. Yes, a huge part of what I do and who I am is technology. I use a visual prosthesis to get a form of raw synthetic vision to enhance how I perceive the world. One of the ways I share what I see is via taking photographs so yes, I am also a photographer. In case you are wondering, I do not do any post processing to my images. What counts is the process of taking the photograph.

A core strength of mine is analysis. I want my neurons to be doing something. Intellectual stimulation is what I am after not that I do not enjoy reminiscing. I am a geek at heart and my mind gravitates towards using technology whenever it is presented with a problem. I know, technology cannot solve everything etc., but that is how my wetware is and I like it that way. I have  given a few TEDx talks primarily on my visual prosthesis and what I do with synthetic vision and how it works.

I have a permanent partner in crime in the form of my wife. We are perpetually planning our next holiday and are implementing those plans as quickly as we can.

Food is another area of interest, but I go for the sensory experience of eating and do not write much about it. It is handy having characters eat and do things, however I do not give any rest to my characters and keep my non-fiction as tight as I can.

One of the things I have a hard time dealing with is inaccuracy of expression. Say what you want to say and be done with it. Circumlocution is my Watch out word. While you are talking, do pronounce things properly and there is a reason behind why grammar is there in the first place. I can get the message, but the cognitive load is huge, and I may misunderstand your intent. Remember, that love of accuracy?

Please do not hesitate to contact me even if you are just saying “hello” or want to ask me a question or want to share an idea for a book you would want to see me write. This is especially true for non-fiction books where the research brings its own joy and reward.

Links to some of my media appearances

The majority of my media appearances have been in the context of seeing with sound and my photography. Some of them go back to 2012 therefore please double check links if possible. The appearances are listed in chronological order.



Meet Pranav Lal: The photographer who uses sound to capture images”.

They can’t see but they can write codes”.
The times of India
congenitally blind Pranav Lal captures the world using sound”
The Quint
Speakers ignite young minds at TEDx”.
The Times of India
TEDx presentation on the vOICe  titled How to Build your own Eye

Pranav Lal
India’s blind photographer pushes physical, technological boundaries
Al Arabiya English
He is blind but his photography will leave you speechless”.
Blind photography and the vOICe

Visually impaired photographer Pranav Lal’s journey of expression”.
the Hindustan Times
He hears shapes, clicks it!”.
the New Indian Express
Substituting senses lets blind people take sonic holiday snaps”,
New Scientist

Article also mentions Professor Michael Proulx
Techtonic shift”.
Mumbai Mirror
Pranav Lal has MOMENTUM”.

A lensman’s insight”.

the Hindustan Times



  1. Thanks Patty and I am looking forward to knowing everyone better!

    1. Hi Pranav.

      I’m way proud to have you aboard.

      I may have what seems to you a few quirky guidelines, but I promise there is a method to my madness.


      I’ve got some great ideas for helping you tell the world all about your work.

    2. Thinking of you while I eat Moose Tracks Ice Cream!


  2. Love your writing style. Long, long ago, I perhaps was something of a techie, but I gave it all up for writing a cookbook on pumpkins and also one about physically challenged fiber artists. I have, slowly but surely discovered what it takes to be successful with your writing. Blogging is great to assist us with our writing and also attending the webinars and challenges that come up now and then. via Patty. I love the way you write about your wife being your partner in crime. I am a caregiver/advocate for my significant other, Richard, who is partly paralyzed, and I have spent years of my life working with people with various challenges. Thank you very kindly for your introduction; You are definitely creative and a fresh writer in our group.

    1. Hi, thank you for commenting. Sorry I am just now seeing this.
      Had to get on my WordPress app before I could find all my comments. Email is wonky so they are not all coming in there like they are supposed to. Enjoy your pumpkin cookbook.
      I haven’t read all of it, but getting there.

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