WordCrafter’s “The Click of a Pebble” Book Blog Tour | Writing to be Read Day Two

WordCrafter’s “The Click of a Pebble” Book Blog Tour | Writing to be Read Day Two

The Click of a Pebble Promo1Welcome to WordCrafter’s “The Click of a Pebble” Book Blog Tour | Writing to be Read Day Two

Today, in our #ReadingWithTheAuthor series, where I’m hosting day two of The Click of the Pebble Tour, I’ve got a true treat for you.

If you missed day one you may catch up here:  https://writingtoberead.com/2021/02/22/welcome-to-wordcrafters-the-click-of-a-pebble-book-blog-tour/

Many of you know author Barbara Spencer but do you know about her incredible books?


The Click of a Pebble

Book 1 – The Children of Zeus

51FhbqgCxUL._SY346_Only if Yöst keeps the supernatural powers of his family hidden will they remain safe from the witch hunt that has already killed his entire village, apart from two young children, Zande and Tatania.

Offered shelter by a family of gypsies, Yöst strikes up a close relationship with the son of the house, Rico. As their relationship deepens, Yöst begins to think the unthinkable, that he can stay at the farm, forgetting that as carinatae his date with destiny is waiting …

My Review…

If you want a book which will keep you captivated from first word to last, one which will keep you up long past your bedtime into the wee hours of the morn, this book is for you.

This is a book of fantasy, reality, suspense, mystery, historical fiction and mythology, all rolled into one enthralling package.

I began reading The Click of the Pebble a few weeks back. Then life stepped in and tore me away. Over the weekend, I picked it up again and during a sun filled afternoon, sitting with my kitty comfortably snuggled into the crook of my arm, I was swept away into the world of

Yöst, Zande, the son of the Black and destined to be the clan’s next leader, and a small girl, Tatania, who insists on being called TaTa.

In this age of immigration issues, discrimination, and revolution, I found their plight resonated deep into my soul.

Can you imagine being a child, already set apart because of things you consider gifts which others believe are evil and then having your life ripped apart by a war? Being thrust into a new way of life, with new people with whom you couldn’t share your true self?

Reading their story and watching them navigate this new world while reconciling their beliefs, trying to incorporate it into the life they’ve been given was fascinating, joyous, and heart-breaking in one moment.

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  2. Patty, this is a wonderful review. I won’t say more here because my review will appear on a later stop in the tour, but I will say, this book has stolen my heart, too. Thanks for supporting Barbara and “The Click of a Pebble” Book Blog Tour.

  3. Wonderful post! Shared on Twitter and Facebook under my blog name there, This Is My Truth Now.

    1. Thank you for sharing, James. Can’t wait to see your Author Spotlight. 🙂

      1. All ready to go on Thursday! Thank you.

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  4. Hi Patty, this is a lovely review of A Click of a Pebble. Thank you for sharing and being part of the tour.

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