] WordCrafter News: Winners & Pre-Orders

] WordCrafter News: Winners & Pre-Orders

I’m proud to be a part of the Visions Anthology now available for preorder.

I hope you’ll all have a look then click on over to order the Visions Anthology.

It is such a thrill to be published alongside such talented authors.

Thanks to Kaye Lynne Booth​ for including my tale.

Thanks to Robbie Cheadle​ and Lynda McKinney Lambert​as well as Joan Myles​ and my sweet daughter Polly Hensley​ for encouraging me.


My story, "The portal Brings Christmas Love" Will also be part of the "Blended Lives Chronicles Trilogy" Book one of which is coming soon.

It will in fact be found in book two.







  1. Wonderful, Patty. I look forward to reading your story in this anthology soon.

    1. Hey Robbie, it’s an exciting time for us all.
      Congratulations on being the featured story.

      1. Thank you, Patty. Anthologies are a lot of fun.

        1. Hi robbie, I hope to be in more soon.

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