Word Doodling

Word Doodling


Patty L. Fletcher

Fall 2017


Hey everyone! How goes it? Write and let us know.


Are you a blogger, writer, published author? Do you have something to say? Even if it is inspired from another piece. Say you read something, and it provoked a response from you?

If you wrote it, long as you link back to your inspirational read, or copy the article within your post, original commentary is great.

Let’s doodle a while. Artists doodle on a pad, drawing partial pictures, etc. Why can’t writers?

Got a book excerpt and ad you want to share? Don’t care what it is, if you’re writing about it, we want to know. Some portion of your post, must include your original thought/writing.

Have a Joyful day and Blessid Be.

Below is my contribution…

Wrote this original un-edited even for spelling and such on FB earlier today.

What Are You Doing With You?


Patty L. Fletcher

October 2017

Folks, today is the first day of the rest of your life. You always need to remember two things about each day.

It’s the first day of the rest of your life, and you best live it like it could be your last. Don’t have the attitude of giving up first time you cannot do something. That friends is Ludacris, and gets you nowhere but sitting alone with nothing.

Live your life.

Remember that nothing good comes easy. Nothing good comes without hard work, sweat, sometimes blood, and tears.

If I’d given up I’d not have ever…

* Had a child

* Gotten my Campbell

* Written and published not one but two books (YAY Bubba Tails)

There are half dozen thousand other things I could list.

You cannot mess round wasting time with thinking about anything you screwed up on, cause you got caught in a detour of life.

So, what? So, you screwed up?

What good came from it?

That’s the question you’d best ask.

Let me tell you something. I went round for over four years beating myself up over a mistake I made while allowing my mental illness to spin out of control.

Then one day I found myself staring Death in the face at 2 AM in the morning. I felt that I was on the edge of crossing and never being allowed to return.

I was alone, and I realized that if I died my baby Bubba would be left with strangers until someone from The Seeing Eye could come and claim him, and the first thing I had to do? Ask myself why, and not lie to myself about those answers.

Then I had to get up and see what the to do about it.

I had to ask myself, “OK now you know what you did wrong. Can you make any one of those people who are not here right now, who you feel rejected you for whatever reason feel one thing, or do one thing? Can you bring them back by force of your will?”

The answers to those questions were “NO!”

Then I had to ask myself, “OK now you figured that out, now what did you learn from this?”

First answer, “I learned what I don’t ever want to do again.”


“I learned things about my mental illness I never knew, triggers to watch for, situations that can bring those things on, and how to not_ do it.”

“Now, I can learn how to never do that again, and I’m better than ever before.”

Then I asked, “OK what else did you gain from this?”

Answer, “Campbell, confidence, and career.”

“AWESOME!” That was the final answer, and is the only truth.

Doesn’t matter that i got lost along the way these last few years. So, I got unhealthily attached to someone. So, I cannot go back and fix that. Could I possibly go forward and help someone else not do that too? yes. I sure can. So, I no longer have family in my life I once had. Could I go back and fix those past mistakes? No, I cannot do one thing about my past. Can I make those gone because of past mistakes return to me? No, but maybe one day our paths might cross again, and maybe they will have learned something too and maybe they’ll see us in different light and be willing to walk with me again for a while along the path of life.

Will they? Don’t know.

But, what will I do either way?


Happy am I here this day, and this day, this moment, that’s all I have.

Now, I’m done with my lesson, so, what are you doing with you?

Don’t worry about what I am or am not doing, what are you doing with you?


OK, now, your turn…

Hit me with something in the comments.

Got a guest post you want to share?

Email me: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com

Thanks, and blessid be.



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  1. Thanks Claire for posting this for me, and good morning to you all!

    Just waking here in the Campbell Kingdom, and hoping your day is most excellent.

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