Woody Woodpecker by Abbie Johnson Taylor #PoetryPlace

Woody Woodpecker by Abbie Johnson Taylor #PoetryPlace

Woody Woodpecker
By Abbie Johnson Taylor
Copyright 2022.

“Listen to that,” says Dad,
as we walk through the park one spring morning.
I’m a teenager,
and my father is walking me to school.
We stop for a moment.
I hear it, a power drill without the motor.

“That’s a woodpecker,
boring holes in that tree over there,” Dad explains.
He points, but I can’t see.
Preoccupied, I wonder why I should care.

That day after school,
I’m watching a cartoon on television with my younger brother.
Again, I hear the motorless drill,
this time followed by Woody Woodpecker’s cheerful tune.

Why is he boring holes in that tree?
Why is he so happy?
With limited vision, I can’t see the screen.
I listen while brother watches, says nothing.

I’m amazed at how cheerful Woody is,
despite the curveballs life throws his way.
Maybe we could all follow his example.
Note: The above poem was published in the June 5th issue of The Weekly Avocet, which can be downloaded at: https://abbiescorner.files.wordpress.com/2022/06/avocet-june-5-2022.pdf You can click the link below to hear me read it.

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  1. Thanks to Patty for letting me share this poem here. I hope you enjoyed it.

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