Wish of the Wee Golden – Part Four – A Bubba Tails Christmas

Wish of the Wee Golden – Part Four – A Bubba Tails Christmas

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Wish of the Wee Golden – Part Four – A Bubba Tails Christmas




In Wish of the Wee Golden: A Bubba Tails Christmas, Jane the Wee Golden from Bubba Tails from the Puppy Nursery at The Seeing Eye learns from Pup friend Barkly of a Santa just for dogs named Santa Paws.

Some, say he is real. Others, say he is a fairytale.

When Jane hears the Puppy Raiser families talking of the Christmas party being held for the Puppy Raiser families and their pups, she makes a wish on the star at the top of her family’s Christmas tree that he will come to the party, so everyone will know there is a fur sure real live Santa Paws.

When he doesn’t show, she sets out on a journey to the North Pole to see if the human Santa knows if he is real, and if so, why he has stopped visiting all the good little girl and boy doggies.

Along the way she meets Robert the Rabbit, a security guard snowman, and the real live human Santa.

Soon they’re joined by King Campbell and many of her puppy friends.

Will they find Santa Paws?

Join Jane and all her friends on their magickal journey and find out.



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Now, Jane was starting to get worried, the sun would soon be rising, and if she was not in her crate, when Karen came to let her out for breakfast, she would surely be very frightened, and she did not want this, but soon the snowman was sliding back, and after just missing hitting the gate, he stood in a flurry of snow saying, “Come this way, Santa Claus has agreed to see you, but you must hurry.”

Jane was—as I have told you a wee thing, and she was certain to fall behind. Robert the Rabbit seeing what might be a problem said, “Well, Mr. Snowman sir, maybe you should let the wee golden dog here, ride on your back. It might be faster.”

“Why that’s a very clever idea.” Said the snowman, and after Jane was safely on the snowman’s back, they were off, with wee Jane, and the big jolly snowman sliding, and Robert the Rabbit bouncing all the way.

At first, Jane was scared. She thought she might slide off. Soon however she was enjoying herself so much, that it seemed to take no time at all to get there, and she had to admit that she was disappointed when the ride came to an end.

The snowman led them to a large room and said in a whisper, “Wait here, and Santa will be with you shortly.”

To Jane it seemed they waited an awfully long time, and just when she thought no one would come, after all, the door opened, and in came the most wonderfully little jolly elf Jane had ever seen, and there was no doubting this was the real Santa. For a moment no one spoke, then Robert the Rabbit, who while very bouncy was also very brave, spoke up.

“Santa, sir, this is Jane, the Wee Golden Dog, and she has come from very far, on a special mission, and we must try and help her.”

Santa’s eyes looked sad though as he stood looking at Jane, and Robert.

“Mr. Snowman has told me your tail, and I’m afraid I have sad news.”

“What do you mean? Is Santa Paws not real after all?” Cried, Jane.

“Oh no! Wee puppy, he is very real, but you see, many years ago, during a very stormy Christmas Eve, he ran into some very bad luck with a big bully bull-dog, and ever since he has been frightened to return to his duties. I have tried to fill in where ever I could by leaving treats and toys for as many doggies as I know of, but sometimes the wee kiddies get so excited when telling my helpers what they wish for Christmas they forget to tell me about their pets, and so not everyone gets something as they should, and I’m ashamed to say I did not know of this new bunch of Seeing Eye pup hopefuls.”

Jane sat for a moment and thought. She thought about how she’d been afraid and run away. She thought of how, when King Campbell had found her he’d talked to her about how it was OK to be frightened but that one should never run away from one’s job. And so, she said, “Santa, is there any way I could talk with Santa Paws? Maybe I could convince him to try again?”

Santa Claus thought and finally, he said, “Alright, but you’re going to have to go on your own because tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I have a ton of things to do.”

“But, how will we find him?” said Robert the Rabbit.

“I’ll draw you a map, and you can go, but you must hurry if you are to have a chance of talking him into it before tomorrow night.”

Soon Santa had drawn a map, and Robert the Rabbit, and Jane were off.


To be continued…



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