Winter Rain 3


  1. So sweet to be featured, thank you, dear Patty! *willows in mist*

    1. Hi Joan.

      You’re welcome as always.

      Yesterday when I shared that the winter rain was blowing sideways outside.

      1. So many faces of rain and wind…such marvels to behold! *sunrise over mountains*

        1. Yesterday’s winter rain was a whirling swirling beast.

          The wind blew it sideways, but King Campbell wanted to stand on the porch in the spray and scent the cold air.

  2. In Hebrew, wind and spirit are the same word…so you were surrounded by spirit, awesome!

    1. Hi.

      I think I knew that. Also in many Native American Traditions Wind is considered spirit.

      It definitely has a presence. Yesterday afternoon it seemed there were several presences at once dancing together.

      1. …so many faces…love it!

        1. At first when we went out, it seemed angry and confused. That was the feeling I had when Campbell and I stepped out the door.

          Then it began to get together, or so it seemed, and though it continued swirling and whirling, the angry beast feeling was gone.

          It still seemed rather frenzied but it was more like when everyone wants to go first.

          We had a warm front leaving and a cold front coming in and I think that’s just what it was. Every spirit jockeying for place.

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