Wilderness Center & Hangout Group

Wilderness Center & Hangout Group

Would you like to help The Wilderness Center and Hangout Group?

You can help us help others!!!



Things needed…

Cushions or matts for lounging in the game/quiet room

Books or magazines for our library

Cleaning supplies to help keep things clean and disinfected

Games, coloring books, and supplies, puzzles, and anything else fun you’d like to add.

Also, we’re starting a clothes closet.

We have some awesome items, and hope to gain more, so if you’ve got things in your closet that you cannot wear, that are in good shape, by all means send them along.

Storing For Winter!

As we all know, the winter can be a hard time for all.

We want to be able to provide hot lunches during this cold time, while we’re stuck indoors…

Want to help?

Send along a canned item, or some type of nonperishable and we’ll store it away!

Then, while the cold wind blows, we will gather, and feast!!!

Remember, take care of The Wilderness, and it will take care of you.

Are you in the Kingsport or surrounding area?

Would you like to join our group?

The Wilderness Center and Hangout Group is a supportive drop-in center, which currently meets at 1209 Lamont Street in Kingsport Tennessee.

To learn all about us please call or private message Kristie-N Ronnie Richards or phone: 423.408.3463

Must be 16-years or older.

Must find transportation, or contact Kristie to gain help with that.

If under 18-years of age you must have parental permission.

If you’d like to donate please email me at: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com to learn how and where to drop items, or send gift cards for buying supplies.


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