Why Vikings? by author Rob Shackleford #WordPressWednesday

Why Vikings? by author Rob Shackleford #WordPressWednesday

Why Vikings?

By Rob Shackleford


Anyone like Vikings?

Vikings are very much in vogue at the moment. When I started to write my first novel, ‘Traveller Inceptio’ (Latin for Begin) there were very few sources to allow the effective research of Anglo-Saxons and their nemeses, the Danes, also known as Vikings.

Did you know that the word Viking actually meant ‘Pirate’ and that the term could only be given to men, who were the raiders?

But why Vikings?

‘Traveller Inceptio’ is in the genres of Science-Fiction and Historical Fiction and discusses what would happen if modern researchers could travel 1000 years into the past. It follows how select members of military Special Forces are trained to survive in Anglo-Saxon Aengland of the early 11th Century.

And they come into contact with Vikings …

So, because I love delving deeper into history, I have developed a few Blogs on Vikings, their lifestyles and significant contributions to the world.

Check out my Blog: Why Vikings? For more …










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  1. Loved the image but not keen on Vikings although I agree they are definitely very very popular at the moment. Good luck. Have share as always on Twitter.

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