Why Red by Abbie Johnson Taylor #MondayMusings #OpenBookBlogHop #ReadingWithTheAuthors

Why Red by Abbie Johnson Taylor #MondayMusings #OpenBookBlogHop #ReadingWithTheAuthors


I’ve always liked red, and people have said I look good wearing it. When I wrote my novel, The Red Dress, the garment in question could have been blue, white, yellow, orange, purple, black, or brown. But red was the first color that popped into my head.

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Why Red #MondayMusings #OpenBookBlogHop #WritingPrompts

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  1. What color crayon are you? Please feel free to share your answer in the comment field here or on my blog. Alternatively, you can click on the link in my post to this week’s hop and link your own blog post on the subject. Thank you for reading.

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