Who loves Puppies?


  1. Good luck with the baby. Puppies are so delightful and sweet – a like to bite a lot.
    Enjoy you little one.

    1. Thanks Lynda for reading and commenting.

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      To all yall with pups who are going to grow into huge dogs.

      Just remember, it might be cute while they’re small but when they weigh over 100 pounds it aint’ gonna be cute no mo.

  2. Thanks very much for reblogging. I think everyone can relate to how adorable puppies are and also how challenging.

    1. I’m curious, did you start house training right away when you got your pup? 12 months seems a long time to fully house train a dog.

      A couple things I recommend…

      Scheduled feed times.

      Scheduled relief times.

      This would mean the pup ate and went out at the same times each day.

      I also recommend not giving pup full run of the house unless supervised. One doesn’t give a toddler full run of a house and neither should one give full run of a house to a pup which is not fully house trained.

      These are just suggestions of course and you may already be doing all this.

      1. Hi Patty, we did all this. I had lots of advise and we did everything right. Apparently some dogs, Yorkies particularly, are very hard to train.

        The spaniel learned in just two weeks.

        1. I never said you didn’t do thing right.


          I know what you mean about having dogs that are hard to train. I had one for 15 years which was never fully trained no matter what I did.

          1. Lol! You never know when you ask the question, perhaps we were ignorant on how to train. But no, you get to a stage when you are desperate and will try anything. It took me a long time to realise it wasn’t us, we we doing right. Just some dogs, as you said and I hope that we don’t have to wait 15 years!! She has made progress, so I live in hope!

          2. My beagle never did totally train.

            It turned out that he had a smaller than average bladder and had I known that I probably could’ve changed some things in his routine which would’ve helped.

          3. I think Tilly has the opposite!

          4. LOL!

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