White Women In Robes 

White Women In Robes 

Blogger Warning
This essay contains extensive discussion of reproductive violence and some mention of sexual violence.
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That having been said, I invite, and encourage all, especially women, to read. Would love your thoughts.
You may express any opinion you wish as long as you do it with respect for all.
Blessid Be. to the Repressed!

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  1. On the original post it says, “Comments are closed.”

    I 100 percent disagree with that!

    How, can you write such a piece and then close your comments?

    Comments on my blog are not closed. That lack of allowing discussion is the kind of thing, in my mind, that promotes problems.

    People feel they’ve no where to express their feelings, thus marching, protesting, and eventually violence.

    Let us speak educatedly, politely and respectfully with one another.

    Let us find common ground on which to stand, and heal our old nasty wounds.

    Let us bring our country into a piece that truly does pass all understanding.

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