Before I post the following message, I want to qualify and say, that certainly any one of us can have a bad day.
We all must once in a while vent.

We all feel bad. We all have hard times, but not long ago, I got up at 5 in the morning, and the first ten FB posts I read were nothing but complaining, drama, and, well, whining.

So, do noto think that I never whine, because you’ve read enough of my blog posts that would tell you different.
If you think about the following, and especially if you listen to the song at the end, you’ll figure out that whining really honestly only makes things worse.

First ten posts I read on FB this morning were from people whining!
People for Goodness sake, Try…Try…Try…! A little more, and Whine…Whine…Whine… a little less.
I used to spend all day long whining about what I could not do. How horrible things were, how bad I felt.
The other day I wrote and asked someone how they were, and Gods how sorry I was that I asked. They had nothing good to say…
They had a headache, their back hurt their legs hurt their this their that.
When all they really needed to do was to get up off their ass and do something, anything.
yesterday I felt bad all day long. Still dealing with lots of symptoms from all the sicknesses I’ve had over these past few months, but rather than complain and whine about it other than my one rant about Campbell’s licking, and my coffee-pot dying, I spent little time worrying about what was wrong in my life, and lots of time working on what I could do something about.
Oh by the way? Once I took Campbell out into the yard, played with him for a while, and walked him around the house a few times, all that licking, stopped! WOW! I did something about it!!! Imagine that?
I’m thinking that the reason all these whiny postings get on my nerves so is because they remind me of my not so long ago self.
Folks what you think about, talk about and all, just brings more of the same.
You have to figure out what you can do and do it, and if, the first time you cannot do something, you give up you will never ever learn a thing and twenty years from now you’ll still be right where you are right now. Whining!
and doing nothing.
aint no one wants to listen to a bunch of whining!

People need to hear this song once in a while. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hgDQqjKErA

Chris LeDoux – Five Dollar Fine

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