Where Does Time Go!

Where Does Time Go!

Yet another awesome story. Seems as though Mr.Halpert isn’t The only writer in the family. We here at Campbell’s world hope you will take the ‘time’ to read this. Maybe even let us know what you think.

Yet another awesome story. One that makes us think. This one has a place in Campbell’s world too.

Heartwings Love Notes 745: Where Does the Time Go?


Heartwings says, “Being so slippery, time is not easy to manage.”


Sometimes time resembles a big clump of jelly like substance. I try to hold onto it but instead it squeezes through my fingers and disappears. Finding time, using time, saving time…all these are illusions generated by my wanting to accomplish what I want to do when I want to do it. Perhaps I need to think of time differently. If I focused on what needs doing rather than trying to find the time to do it would I manage better?

To be sure I keep lists of the tasks I hope to accomplish right now or in the near future: phone calls to be made, deadlines for submission, household tasks to be done.  Then there are other items on my lists that do not have a time consideration: letters to be written, information to be googled, piles to sort through. It is these that seem to revolve endlessly, making their way from list to list until I “find the time” to do them and finally cross them off.

Sometimes they fall off the list, never to be seen again. Because none of this type of task is actually necessary it seems more difficult to get done. It is also possible that they don’t matter, or else that I have given them more importance than they originally deserved. It isn’t always easy to know what is important and what is merely something it would be nice to do if there was time to do it. And there’s that word again: time.

Have you ever noticed that it can take the same amount of actual clock time to come home as it does to go somewhere, yet it seems to take much longer to go than it does to come home? This is just one more mystery I experience involving the passage of time. However, to be honest I usually find that I always have enough time when I focus on the doing part rather than the amount of time to do it. Perhaps that is because there really is no such thing as time at all.

May you always have as much time as you need when you need it.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha

PS Thank you for reading my Love Note, and please if you have the time, drop me a line and tell me how you liked it or share a story of your own. It is always such a treat to hear from readers.

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