When Less is More by Barbara Spencer Author #Advice #Draft #Editing #Writing #WordPressWednesday

When Less is More by Barbara Spencer Author #Advice #Draft #Editing #Writing #WordPressWednesday

When Less is More

By: Barbara Spencer Author

May 16 & September 13th

Words is ’ornery critters, as Captain Ahab would say or perhaps it was Mr Micawber – it was someone literary anyway. Whoever said it, they were right.

Words can be the most obstinate of all entities, point blank refusing to do what you tell them – like a badly trained dog.

I have four chapters that need sorting. You know what I mean. Instead of A jumping to C and then F before returning to B, I need to place them seamlessly side by side: A,B,C,DE,F.

But the extra words and phrases needed to do this? That is not happening any time soon and definitely not to my words. For two days I have battled with them. It’s like trying to park a Rolls Royce in a space large enough for a mini; they sit half in and half out, and gaze reproachfully. The cocky ones thumb their noses at me.

If words can create that much trouble, I simply dread having to re-route paragraphs. Undoubtedly, that will be like trying to moor the Queen Mary off the Brighton Pier when the tide is out. It ain’t going to happen.

These extra words, sentences and paragraphs know perfectly well their place in my new book, most likely, better than me … only they refuse to cooperate.

Nothing for it … Waving a metaphorical white flag, I click and paste those obdurate words in a file labelled superfluous to requirements!

Ha! You never thought I’d call your bluff and do that now, did you?


First published in Fashion Magazine in 1969, Barbara Spencer embarked on a highly colourful career spanning three continents in which she was caught up in riots, wars, and choosing Miss World. An award-winning children’s author, Barbara is now writing fantasy/magical realism for an older audience.



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