What’s your Favorite Season and Why?

What’s your Favorite Season and Why?

On one of the Facebook groups I belong to the leader asks, “What season touches you?” I was led to write the following and wanted to share, and would love to know “What is your favorite season?”

### Good morning all!

I have two seasons that touch me. I know that may sound strange to some, and it is a bit odd I suppose, especially since they’re in such contrast to one another.

First my favorite time of year is spring. In the spring things are coming to life again, waking up as it were, after a long winter’s sleep. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. It is a time to clear out all the dust and dirt from one’s home that has accumulated over the winter. A time to let go of past hurts, and mistakes, and a time of hope and life.

The story below tells of how just a year ago I learned of such.

### Daily Encouragement 3


Patty L Fletcher


21 Days till spring! And Coming Back Up the Scale 


This morning I woke to discord and dysfunction in my world. It would seem someone or something had invaded my tech world and caused me much discomfort where my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) was concerned.

You see I go through a sort of a routine in the morning. I have coffee, or if like today that is not available, tea and read email and Facebook posts and wake up. Spending time studying and meditating on what I read. I spend time in prayer and thought for others as well. This morning the peace I love so very much was simply not to be.

First off, as I wrote, I did not have coffee. That was easily fixed, and soon I had a nice hot pot of tea brewed and ready to drink. I sat down at my computer and started it up, ready to enjoy the morning. Then to my horror I found what looked like spam email in my in box. I realized once again my email account had been hacked. So I spent the next hour undoing what some malicious person had done, for what reason I had no clue. Just a few days before I’d received what looked like a normal and above board friend request, but as the days had progressed it had become obvious the request was as far from normal and above board as it could be. I’d thought I’d taken care of it but the damage had been done.

Finally it was back on track and I was after all able to begin the slow process of bringing myself back up the scale from feeling Discordant and discomfort to alignment once again. As I went through the process of reading email I found something from the Peace Prayer emails I get and not only shared it, but gave my own thoughts. This made me feel even better yet. I began to see that my day would blossom after all. Then it happened! I realized it was the first day of March, and 21 days until spring. This thrilled my soul. To me spring is my most favorite time of year. The weather is a bit unstable, but that puts me feeling right at home.

I remembered my Begonia  sitting on my dining room table, and started to go and open the shade. This is hard to do for many reasons one of which is I’m too short to reach it without climbing. Then I had a thought. I remembered having seen a small table which might fit beside the front door. After some thought, I remembered where I’d stored it, and went to retrieve it with King Campbell hot on my heels, wigging and wagging all the way. He was happy of course because I was happy. He had no clue why, but if I were singing and smiling it was okay in his world.

Soon I was back in the living room with my table, and after cleaning it off, saying a prayer of blessing and renewal over it, I moved it in to its new home. I was ecstatically happy to see it fit perfectly, just as I’d imagined. I went and got the plant and brought it over. Sitting it in its new home I spoke words of encouragement and of drawing forth new growth and life, as well as words of removal of all negativity and strife.

Then I went to get what I thought was just a pot of dirt. Earlier in the winter I’d killed an Echinacea  plant, but the roots had still been in the dirt and so I’d left it. Thinking it was dead I was about to toss it out. Then I happened to touch the dirt. To my absolute delight I found that there was new growth coming up out of the middle of the pot. Green fresh and new leaves were just barely poking out of the soil! I shouted with glee! I quickly went and repositioned the other plant and made a place for this too. As I sat the new baby plant beside the half grown one I again spoke words of renewal for new growth and life, and removal of all negativity and strife.

Then I watered both plants and have left them to their work. Not only will they grow and prosper in their own right, but they will, being by the door, and because of the words I prayed over them draw to me much renewal and new growth for the coming spring and beyond.

I foresee great things coming and all negativity and strife is removed.

To do this day…

Find one thing that you truly love to do and do it; use that thing to represent all renewal and new growth.

Also to do today…

Find one thing that honestly needs thrown away, and rid yourself of it, allow that to represent all negativity and strife.

Will negativity and strife come again? Of course, but we do not have to allow it to be the ruler of our lives.

May Harmony find you.

May Peace, Love, Freedom, Prosperity Protection, and Forgiveness Surround you. 

Blessid Be…


As you can see the story tells of how I was lost in thoughts of upset and despair. Trying to climb out of Discordia and just the thoughts of spring brought joy to me. Then when I found those plants and saw how they’d managed to somehow survive winter and my neglect it simply brought me right back to a happy and joy filled place. 

The next season which brings me enjoyment is just the opposite. It is autumn. To me autumn is a time of gathering. It is the beginning of many festivals, and celebrations throughout the world. A time of readying for the long hard months of winter. It is a time of harvest, and seeing the fruits of one’s labor. Even the animals are doing such, and you can see nature everywhere working together in great harmony to bring things in to a state where they can survive until the spring comes again.

In a way spring and autumn work together. Autumn brings forth a readying for rest and rejuvenation, without that we simply couldn’t have spring.

A friend of mine said once that they hated the autumn because things died, and went away. I said, “But if they did not do so, we could never have new life and growth. The constant beginning with no end would choke out all new life, then in the end all would parish. This way everything has a chance.”

I guess I’m strange but that’s it for me.

Blessid Be to all.




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