What’s Up with Team Blue in Tennessee – ACB (American Council Of The Blind Virtual/Hybrid Convention – Tech, Tech – Trials, Triumphs, Visiting with Neighbors – Enjoying Summer Fun

What’s Up with Team Blue in Tennessee – ACB (American Council Of The Blind Virtual/Hybrid Convention – Tech, Tech – Trials, Triumphs, Visiting with Neighbors – Enjoying Summer Fun

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well.
Here, the weather is hot. The coffee is too. It’s a busy time in Patty’s Worlds, but Team Blue still loves all of you.
We’ve begun our Staycation in earnest now, the virtual convention is under way, and we’re already having a blast.
Last evening, e had our second business meeting and the one thing I noted was how everyone behaved so well with one another. We brought forth resolutions. We debated, and though people had differing views, there were no heated discussions.
Our madam president chaired the meeting, and I must state that, I feel she runs our business meetings quite well.
We use the online Vote Now service, and it’s so easy to do, I wish our Presidential election was run that way.
One thing is for certain, we can certainly teach our government something about Safe Respectful and Welcoming, and I was so pleased to see that went far beyond our virtual community last night.
It is so awesome to belong to this organization. If someone had told me five years ago, that I’d belong to a blindness organization and participate in it too, I’d have told them they were daffy. Now, I cannot imagine my life without it.
I’ve had some tech trials and triumphs this month.
First, the trial. It’ll make the triumph all the sweeter.
We’ll begin with the gift.
I got an iPad last week. A friend gifted it to me. I was over the moon. I mean, I wanted one for so long. I also got a Bluetooth speaker, so I settled in and went to work setting things up. What I should have done was figure out the iPad keyboard first. Then, the trial would have never taken place.
First, my belief that bigger screen meant easier finding all the keys I needed to press on the screen keyboard would be easier.
I mistyped a digit and then…
I tried to undo it, and hit something else I didn’t want and suddenly…
“You have entered too many incorrect passwords. Your account is now locked.”
“***!!!!***$$$F***###%%%” Curses flew!
I tried leaping through their digital hoops to no good end. Finally, out of desperation I called Apple accessibility helpline. I wish I hadn’t. But I was embarrassed at my mistakes and didn’t want to admit to anyone especially the one who had sent me these wonderful gifts just in time for my virtual events so rather than trying to get on the ground help I leaped on in the water.
What nastiness!
The stupid woman took me in a circle. She kept asking the same questions. She then gave me instructions, and they turned out to be wrong. The worst part was when I said, “This part is not working easily with the voiceover and she said, “Oh, you’re using voiceover?”
To which I replied in a frustrated sarcastic southern drawl, “Yeah, Ya’ll reckon that’s why I called in on the Accessibility line?”
To which she said, “Oh, I didn’t see that you called on the accessibility line. I guess I missed it.”
I told the woman she would be hearing from me through her supervisor, and I meant it.
When Apple sent me their standard, “We see you’ve called into our customer care line. Please take a few moments to take our survey.”
You best believe I clicked that link, and she got low marks on everything and in the place to write I wrote all about what she’d done.
I did indeed get a note from their care department apologizing for the bad customer service, and a link to see how to fix the problem.
Now, I’m in process of getting my account recovered. Which I found out how to do on the website they sent. I also now have a better email for support.
They emailed me and told me I’d hear from them today with information on how to recover my account. I just got the message. It gave me more flipping instructions. Now, I must wait until Friday for an Apple Care specialist to phone me and give me a key to unlock the account. I am frustrated. They assure me Friday is the last step. I hope it is. I mean, I love that they’ve got such awesome security, but this is ridiculous.
Anyhow, now to the triumph.
For the past year or so I’ve been trying to find a charger for a great pair of Bluetooth headphones. I spent nearly 200 dollars on them, and the charger got lost.
Lo and behold, the charger for the iPad Bluetooth keyboard also fits those headphones, and how awesome that is. As soon as they’re charged, I can once again walk all over the house with headphones on and attend my events, even outside and sound clear when I talk. YAY! 🎉
I also got my Bluetooth speaker working and charging and that’s also a stand up and cheer moment. 🎉
When I’m not fighting tech, Blue and I are attending pottery, visiting during the cool of the evening with neighbors and generally enjoying summer fun.
We’re loving this time in our lives, and sense the now is all we have, I’ll take it.
Well, time for lunch, and a quick walk with Blue.
Then, I’ve a tech from Blind Services coming with a lender computer which is said to be in much better shape than the one I’m using. He’s just this moment rung to say he’d be here shortly, so I’d best run.
For now, this is Team Blue saying, “Keep your nose to the ground and your tail waving at the sky.

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Thanks so much for reading.
I see a few of those I reblog have posted today. I also know I have a couple things of client’s work to put up.
Please remember I’m working part time hours for the next few days, I will be posting, just not always at my normal times.
It’s the time of year for me when I start suffering serious burnout, so I appreciate your kind and caring understanding as I recharge my batteries a bit.
Happy Summer.

Patty L. Fletcher
Bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled

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