What’s Up with Team Blue and Living Our Gratitude Life #Inspiration, Gratitude, Mindfulness

What’s Up with Team Blue and Living Our Gratitude Life #Inspiration, Gratitude, Mindfulness

What’s Up with Team Blue and Our Living the Gratitude Life

By Patty L. Fletcher

Moon Phase Waning Gibbous

Good morning, to All from Team Blue!

I hope this post finds you happy, healthy, and finding satisfaction in your life.

Today, I’m taking time to note that for which I am grateful. I have a gratitude partner and we exchange texts every day concerning our gratitude list and it has been so much fun doing this with someone else.

For the last 7 years, I’ve been taking a more serious notice of gratitude. I began exploring the possibilities of gratitude and how it could bring forth positive change and help to manifest the things I needed, wanted, and desired in my life.

To my delighted surprise, it worked then, and continues working today.

I’m no longer surprised by what I can accomplish if I remember gratitude each day.

I am, however, still in awe of the power which radiates within me, mind, body, and soul.

I’m saddened for those who don’t know the peace the creator gives and those who do not have the ability to live by total faith.

Sure, I struggle, all do. But the joy is in the journey of life, figuring out the intricate puzzle of life and working toward that awesome click when another piece falls in place.

It has been said, “We never get it done, we never get it right, but if we’re lucky, we get it.”

I feel I’m finally “getting it.”

I’m still a work in progress. All are. Remember, if you stop being in progress, you’re dead.

Today I’m grateful for:

A hot cup of cappuccino in my hand, a walk in the crisp spring air with my big, Blue Dog, listening to the woodpecker go, “Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-bug-bug-bug-give-me-that. LOL. That’s just what it sounded like. I’m grateful for the sound of birdsong as we walk along our way.

I’m grateful for friends with whom I can be in alignment while continuing to be myself.

I’m grateful for my home, even though I don’t want to remain here, I know how fortunate I am to not be homeless and living on the street.

I’m grateful for the joy of enjoying life.

I’m grateful I can be grateful.

I’m grateful I know happiness is a choice.

I am grateful for my breakfast, and for Blue’s pretending to be asleep when he is really drooling on the floor hoping my breakfast will float off the stove, over to where he is on his matt.

I’ve added a bunch of stuff which was not even in my text this morning. Why? Because when you start listing your blessings, and what you’re grateful for morphs, grows, and you morph and grow along with it.

It is such fun when you can get into alignment with your life, rather than fighting against it.

I am beautiful, I am love, I am confident, and I know who I am and what I want.


I am not responsible for other’s actions or reactions.

I am only responsible for myself.

I am never going to make everyone happy and I’m never going to meet everyone’s need.

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And now, a note from Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue Typed by His Human Mother Patty.

Patty and her guide dog Blue. Patty has her hair tied back in a low ponytail and rests her right hand on Blue's head. She wears a white shirt with a pink and purple butterfly on the front and light blue shorts. Blue is a handsome black lab. He wears a brown leather harness with a handle attached to the back and is smiling at the camera as he sits in front of Patty. In the background is a brick building with white, windowed doors and a flowerpot overflowing with pink and yellow blooms.

I am Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue.

I am always on the case.

I know my job.

I know my place.

I am grateful for my harness, so I can take my mother safely here and there.

I am grateful when my mother takes me for good, long walks, and remembers to let me sniff the ground and air.

I am grateful for the belly rubs, and for all my toys all over the floor.

I am grateful I am a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Black Labrador.

I am grateful for the big soft bed, where my mother and I can rest our heads.

I’m grateful for my matt, it makes it more comfortable while I wait for mother to do this thing and that.

I am Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue.

I am always on the case.

I can make my mother smile, even when she’s tears rolling down her face.

I am Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue who with his mother, makes Team Blue.

We love you.

May Harmony find You.

Blessid Be.


By, Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue


Patty L. Fletcher

Bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled


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  1. Hi Patty, this is a lovely post. I enjoy reading your thoughts on gratitude, the anothology promo and your poem about Blue. I will email you.

    1. Hi, Robbie. Email received and tended to.
      Much appreciated.
      Glad you enjoyed the post.

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