What’s Up with Bucky by Joan Myles #Dogs #Family #Training #JewniquelyMyself #WordPress Wednesday

What’s Up with Bucky by Joan Myles #Dogs #Family #Training #JewniquelyMyself #WordPress Wednesday

So maybe you’re wondering what’s new with Bucky, the big, big dog in my life by way of my daughter. Well he has been working hard to overcome the trauma of being shifted from home to home during the first year of his life. CC and her husband have managed to leash train him, and have even eased him into unpanicked interactions with neighborhood dogs and their people during daily walks. Cats are still a trigger for loud barking…

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  1. word-play, wishing you love and light always! *glittering wings**willows in mist**pawprints in sand*So sweet to be among your Doggy posts, darling Patty, and to dwell with you in the realm of

    1. Always happy to have you wagging along.


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