What’s Up with author Victoria Zigler (Tori) – Zigler News #Books #Fans #BrailleDisplays

What’s Up with author Victoria Zigler (Tori) – Zigler News #Books #Fans #BrailleDisplays

Check out all the goings on at Zigler News: http://ziglernews.blogspot.com/2022/07/a-sale-reminder-weather-smart-devices.html

More About Tori…

A blind Welsh vegan, Victoria Zigler writes poetry and stories for children and the young at heart, many of them containing animal characters based on her own pets, as well as a series of books based on her own adjustments after sight loss, which are specifically designed to give people a glimpse in to what life is like for a visually impaired person. She makes her books available in a wide variety of formats, including eBook, paperback, and audio, from several different online retailers worldwide. Grab your copies of her books from your favourite retailer today, and remember to check out her website at http://www.zigler.co.uk

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