What’s Up in the Campbell Kingdom? Read and Find Out :)

What’s Up in the Campbell Kingdom? Read and Find Out :)

Hello to all and welcome to campbellsworld.

It’s a hot spring day here in the Campbell Kingdom, and do we have lots of changes coming up during the next few months.

First, as you know my new computer will be here one day next week, and how very excited I am for it to hurry the heck up and arrive.

If you were following posts earlier in the day, you saw that Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (THAT’S ME) has a Super Spring Sale going on for all new and existing clients.

Not quite sure whether you’re ready to take a long-term plunge? Want to give us a try before making a commitment? Contract up soon and want to renew but not sure you’re wanting to take a year long package?

How about this? Right now, today only, new or old, open to all, buy 2 months and get one free. That’s a $20 savings.

Just $40 gets you all my services. Need FB page admin assist? Just $10 more gets you that too.

Folks, that’s a huge lot of stuff for only $50.

So shoot me an email to: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com and let me tell the world all about you!

Isn’t that great?

Yea, but, that’s not all!

There’s more going on here too.

This morning I finally got the forward and first five chapters of my book the way I want them and into the first draft manuscript file and now, soon as this dratted computer charges again, and I get one of my totally talented Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing client’s articles up and share a few posts, I’ll be starting on the second five chapters of the book.

Oh, another thing, I decided the title and book cover had to go. Now, when this new book is released, it’s going to have a whole new look, and a different name.


Well, stay tuned, one of these days you’ll find out.

How exciting!

New computer! New book title and cover, and a Super Spring Sale!


It’s a beautiful day here in the…

Ha Ha! Gotcha again. I just know you thought I was gonna say neighborhood!


Well, for now, this is Patty who’s feeling whacky, and King Campbell Super Retired Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A. Bubba who is watching out for her so she don’t get herself in trouble saying.

Take an advertising package today and don’t dare delay.

Those prices will be gone before you know it.

May harmony find you and Blessid be.


  1. Patty, I don’t know how you have time to write a book and do what you do. I’m seriously considering your three months for two offer. Maybe I’d have time to write. Anyway, poor Campbell. They say he’s retired, but he has to keep an eye out to make sure his lady doesn’t go hopping out of orbit.

    1. Hi Donna. In answer to your question of how I find time to do what I do and write too, well, this is the up side to not having a lot of people physically in my life. I’ve not got the time constraints put upon me like so many others do. I have a great dislike for TV and I suffer from sleep disorders that keep me awake a lot. So, with all that having been said, I’ve lots of free time on my hands. For me that can be mightily dangerous. If I allow my mind and hands to sit unoccupied I get into some horrid trouble. So, I work, write, and enjoy my life in doing so. I also read lots of books, and other interesting blog posts, such as yours. As to Campbell and his ability to keep me from hopping into orbit, well, he’s been good at that all of his life with me. He’s very laid back and relaxed, but it’s a bit more than that. He seems to sense when I’m getting too excitable and upset. He will come from where ever he happens to be napping at the moment and gently paw at me or put his mouth around my arm and softly chew on it. When he does this, he makes this sweet whispering noise through his nose. It always makes me smile, no matter how upset I have become, and from there I’m able to come back to earth. He began doing this while in class, and this confirms my belief that these dogs can be multi purpose service animals. I have in my manuscript folder a draft of a paranormal romance, SF book which will tell the story of such animals. It will also address the issue of the lines that serve to separate so many, and the hope to blend those lines to create a world in which everyone belongs. For now, I am working on my Campbell’s Rambles Trilogy because I have a deep longing to get this done. It is quite literally a calling to talk about the subjects which this book will address. Things like multiply disabled, mental illness, and domestic violence along with blindness need to be spoken of. The challenges people living with such need to be brought out into the light of day. It is the only way that growth, and change can be had. Well, heck, here I go writing another blog post in the comment section. LOL. I’m dangerous with a keyboard in hand. LOL.

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