What’s Really Important?

What’s Really Important?

What’s really important?
Who’s right?
Who’s wrong?
Who’s got the biggest and best?
Who’s the smartest, fastest, luckiest, who wins?


Who loves?
Who laughs?
Who shares?
Who helps others?
Who’s Kind?
Who’s Caring?

Will it matter in ten years if you’re right, or if the other is wrong? If someone you truly love and care about died today would you have let them know you cared since the last time you saw them?

If someone you’re angry with or disappointed in lost their life this day, would the thing they did that angered or disappointed you still matter? Would you be left holding their last writing or photo in your hand saying…
“I’m sorry, I wish…”

Don’t put off till tomorrow, what needs saying or doing when you can say or do it today.

You might not have near the time you think.

Don’t think things like…

“Well, she shouldn’t have done that”
“He should not have acted that way”

“She should not have written that”

“Forget it, I’ll deal with them later”

What if later never comes? What if you delete a message without looking and it made everything before make sense, and you really would have understood had you looked?

The answer is always no if the question is never asked.

The wound never healed if not cleaned and cared for, and the anger never put to rest if not voiced, acknowledged, and dealt with openly.

Love always! Forgive Always! Laugh often, and be what our creator intended.

It matters not the good work you do if you do not do it with a loving, forgiving spirit!

Be ye loving kind forgiving. Be ye accepting and tolerant of others as ye would have them be unto you.

Do ye no harm on purpose, and don’t forget the face of your creator!

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