What to Read or Watch by Abbie Johnson #MondayMusings #AuthorsCorner #Inspiration

What to Read or Watch by Abbie Johnson #MondayMusings #AuthorsCorner #Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been drawn to memoirs, some historical fiction, and poetry. I recently read West with Giraffes, a fictionalized account of a true story of two giraffes, who, after surviving the hurricane that hit New York City in 1938, are transported across the country to the San Diego Zoo.

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What to Read or Watch #MondayMusings #OpenBookBlogHop #Inspiration

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  1. This is Abbie Johnson Taylor. On a typical Monday, I forgot to put “Taylor” in the title, and I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Thanks to Patty for letting me share this here. Have a magnificent Monday!

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